Scales angst


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I've not lived in a house with scales in for many years.

This morning, two weeks into CD, I thought I should get some because once I'm in maintenance I don't want to slip back into denial about any weight gain.

However...I know what I'm like- there's an obsessive streak that scales could feed. I've been on them and am now all worried for my weigh-in tomorrow.

At 11.30 I weighed 12 stone 9 and a quarter- after no meals but maybe a litre of water. With clothes I was 12 stone 12 and a half. A couple of hours later with clothes and after a couple more litres of water and a pints worth of icy chocolate shake (yum) I was 13 stone 1.

Now- I know this is a really good demonstration of the fluctuations of scales, water and all sorts of other things but...what if, when I get weighed tomorrow after a couple of meals and in clothes at 2.30 pm, I think that I've not lost any weight in my second week when actually I have?

I'll restrict myself at home anyway to once a day first thing.

Sorry- how drippy do I sound. I'm glad to be weighing myself again but it is annoying how it won't just be consistent!
I do that too, but thats one good thing about my cdc not weighing me I do it myself fitrst thing in the morning with no clothes on (curtains closed lol) That way I know its all me. But clothes and water do make a difference so try wearing the same clothes while you can so they will weigh the same at least, and try not to drink too much right before you get weighed and always have a wee first lol
I'm like you I love jumping on and off the scales through the day and in different states of dress/undress. However, I have now learnt that the only measurement to take notice of is first thing in the morning and completely naked. This is a very reliable measurement I only ever have put on if I know I have eaten. Throughout the day the weight can increase by several pounds. Try to do the same. Most people will probably tell you to stop weighing so much. Which is probably good advice but for me it has enabled me to realise more about my body inparticularly how reliable the morning weigh is. (by the 'weigh' have a pee first. Good luck with all Dizzy
Thanks Kati and Dizzy.

Yes, I'd just concluded in the shower (a good place for thoughts!) that I would take my early morning, no clothes, devoid-of-wee weight as the "real" one since I've managed to put on 6 pounds over the course of the day's water. It's reassuring to have you both back that up.

I'll take Isobel's Weigh In figure as a sort of guide of how I'm doing week to week, but not exactly the "real" figure.

Though technically none of the figures are real I suppose- but that takes us into theories of relativity and all sorts- not good on a Monday afternoon!
My battereys have ran out in my scales and I have not replaced them, which is good coz its kept me off the scales lol

I weigh myself my CDC doesnt do it for me!!
A litre of water weighs 1.01 kilograms

1 Liters = 2.2045855 Pounds

If you must weigh everyday the best time to weigh is first thing in the morning after a pee and in the nude.

When weighing each week at your meetings, try and wear the same thing each week and do the same things in the hours leading up to the weigh in and you will still get an accurate enough reading over time...

I can go up about 7lbs. in the day even more some weighing on and off during the day will lead to all sorts of mind games with yourself.

Love Mini xxx
yes-that's my worry really, being able to do the same things in the day before my weigh-in. Also- I'd usually have drunk at least two litres of water by then. It weighs alot doesn't it!
I think I drank less before then last week on purpose but I won't get all my water in if I do that again.

Anyway- feel a bit more sorted in my head now. That figure will be one guide, but early morning will be another- and I'll try only make it every other day!
Don't worry, honey - I'm sure my scales will show a loss - and if not, then it'll be down to the water!

Please don't fret about it - remember the scales are just one set of numbers that we'll take into account. It's also how your clothes fit, your measurements, BMI, body fat %age etc etc. Remember the whole picture, not just a close-up lol!

I won't buy scales until I'm maintaining. I haven't owned scales in years and this was how I managed to stay in denial but I much preder to be weighed once a week by my CDC and not have to think about it at any other time. I know I'd get really obsessed otherwise, plus it's nice to be able to see weight coming off every week in sizeable chunks.