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Scales not moving??

Hi Everyone.. I'm on day 10... Had weigh in on Monday & lost 9lb .. Have weighed myself every morning since I started!!
Since early weekend till today haven't budged on scales?? It's on 15 stone & won't budge.. Hop on every morning dying to see 14 St whatever again.. But just won't budge... Im due monthlys on Saturday but for the love of god I'm 100% everyday ... How is scales not going down??
Any ideas? Has this happening to anyone else??
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this happened to me last time, i weighed myself half way through week and it hadnt moved but then i just kept going and when i went for weekly weigh in i had dropped 3 1/2 pounds so just keep at it and i'm sure you will be ok by weekend, could be water retention or something. keep faith in what you are doing :) x
I don't know Jill I just can't understand it??? I'm keeping going alright.. Totally in ketosis now as not feeling hungry at all so alot easier to stick with it... Other half & kids all struck down with bug today.. So no ones eating today..
Fingers crossed tomorrow will be the day I see 14.13 xx
My first goal..
Chemist did say don't expect a good loss this week as I'm due totm..
Just bored of looking at 15... Bring on the 14's ;)
How you doing today Hun? X
i rekon if you get on the scales tomorrow they will say 14 sumet :) i cross everything for it to happen for you, i was same with 18's and that finally happened couple of days ago :) started with a stinking cold today so got even less energy but i only got work tomorrow then off for 4 days, my little girl is going to look after me and make sure i dont eat she says haha hope you dont get the bug your family have got as we dont need any extra stress do we, hope they all better soon though, get good night sleep (i find if i get really good night sleep it helps me loose for some strange reason?) x
This happened to me last week, I went 7 days without a loss, then have lost a pound every day since Monday .... it just works out that way sometimes. Stick at it, it will kick off again.
Hey everyone... Only getting onto here now... Home finally... I stepped on scales this morning & what did I see 14st 12 lbs well I tell ya iv been like a buzzing bee all day.. What satisfaction ya feel!! My first goal complete.. Altogether that's one stone gone in 11 days :)
Thanks everyone your all great support :) xx
fantastic! really pleased you are in the 14's :) x
Well done Gilly ... fantastic ... keep going girl
Ahhh thanks ... X
Well done Hun! A stone in 11 days. I'm hoping for the same! Excellent xx

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