Scales with no numbers


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This is an interesting idea :)

These scales dont show your weight, just tells you how much you have lost or gained...along with a motivational message.

About it here


Reckon that's a product that some people will think is a total waste of time, but others would love the idea.
Interesting concept although I have to admit my idea of hell!

hmmm.....not feeling this. I like to see the numbers - go down! lol
Something about her wee face makes me wanna listen to everything shes saying.. lol.. I dont think its such a bad idea..

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Unfortunately i'm one of those obsessives that likes to see the numbers so I can write them down in my journal. If I wasn't so caught up on that I think they'd be absolutely fabulous.
Motivational message?

What happens if you gain a ridiculous amount of weight...

"You have gained 22lb. Well done you! Now if you don't lose it in the next 5 days, I'm going to auto destruct and burn your house down"