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    Hi all,
    i'm new to the forum but did the LL 5 years ago and lost 3.5 stone, but back again now to shed at least 2 stones if not a bit more second time around.
    I have a dilemma though about whether to query with my consultant about the correctness of her scales, because im weighing myself at home on 2 sets of scales and i seem to be lighter.
    After my first week of the diet, i weighed myself at home and was thrilled to see i had lost 8lb, but when i got to my group, it was only 5lb, i was so deflated. The consultant told me it may have been due to different times of day etc, so i didnt question it.
    However, some 4 weeks down the line, and every week i feel the same, thinking i have lost more at home, then feeling low to find i have only lost a 1lb at group!
    I get weighed on Sundays at midday, and this week i was 15st on their scales, with only losing a measly 1lb, and i had stuck to it rigidly too! I dont feel or look 15st, so rather than use both my home scales, i went and weighed myself the day after on Monday at 9am, and was 14st 11lb! Surely i couldnt have lost 3lb overnight, with eating my 4 foodpacks and having water too????
    I wasnt content with just having weighed myself at Lloyds chemist, so i went to another branch to weigh myself there, and i was the same, 14st 11lb! I came home and i was weighing in at just under, so my scales are only very slightly 'out' according to Lloyds.
    What do i do?? Im just wondering if they are purposely weighing clients heavier than what they really are, to get them to stay longer on the diet, hence paying more by staying to lose more weight? Its just my mind working overtime now, and i know my consultant wont be happy with being questioned, and then i will feel bad, and feel like i wont be 'welcome' anymore, if she knows im on to her?
    I next have to go for a pop in on Thursday as i cant attend this Sunday, and im thinking of going to Boots an hour before i go to see her, and get a printed out slip with my weight on from one of their machines to actually show her, that just under an hour ago i was actually lighter than what she is weighing me in at, and then see what she says, what does everyone else think? Shall i ask her or just keep quiet? Its driving me nuts not knowing my correct weight loss each week, and not having my true weight recorded on my card.
    Thank you, x
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    Do the print out and if its totally different to the weigh in scales like more than 3 pounds or something then say i think your scales are wrong you may want to get them checked as i was in boots the other day and had a cheeky weigh in and my scales at home show the same
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    Well done you are losing weight!! I know I am going to be at least two pounds heavier on my go consultants scales than at home but I am being weighed at 7pm so I know it is just retained water during the day.

    Can you be weighed at 9am by your consultant?

    Personally I am using my weight on my home scales as I am finding them more motivating and will be the ones I will be using every week once LL if over!

    Edit - on reflection you need to trust your LLC and while this matter is not clear in your head how are you going to accept what they say in the weekly sessions?

    You have done this before so know that it works. Is this a different LLC and you need to find another one you can trust or you talk this through with your LLC until you have worked this issue out with them
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    If you're going to do the Boots thing, do it as close to your weigh in time as possible, as your body weight can fluctuate up to 2lb in a day. That is why when monitoring your weight you should always weight at the same time on the same day on the same scales (all scales will be slightly different as they will be calibrated differently). As hard as it is, I would avoid weighing yourself at all apart from at the weigh in (after you've clarified there is nothing untoward going on). All it does in my opinion is make your recorded loss seem like less as you already know. As for your 1lb loss, how much water are you drinking? It makes a huge difference as if you aren't drinking enough your body will think there is a water shortage and will hold on to as much as it can (water retention). I have seen this reflected in my own weight loss. One week I was crap with water and only lost 2lb, the next week I made a huge effort to drink more (was averaging 3 litres a day) and lost 6lb.

    I'm sure the conspiracy theory is wrong about LLCs weighing you heavier to keep you longer as it is so morally wrong. Plus it is so easy for you to check and 'rumble' them like at your doctors. Have you asked others in your group how there losses are going? I would be careful what you actually accuse her of as she would have every right to be upset if you were way off the mark. Get your print out if you like and talk to your LLC about why your weight loss is so small. Have you done a ketostick to make sure you're in ketosis?

    Sorry if you already know all this, can never be sure. Hope you get it sorted

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