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Hello everyone
I have some digital scales but I am thinking they could be past it lol
I get on and Im one weight get on again and another weight and so on
The only way I get a true reading is to keep getting on and off and the weight that comes up the most but it is a pain, I know I am losing also by measurements.
are all digital scales like this or should I finally go an buy myself some new ones. I have seen some for £10 in lidls and they are bodyfat ones.
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Deb G

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Get new ones - mine did that then packed in. Bodyfat ones are great because sometimes you haven't lost weight, but you have lost some bodyfat, so it keeps you feeling motivated. Always weigh in the same place - and don't weigh on carpet. Find a flat floor (tiled or wooden) and do it there.


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I feel more motivated by not weighing! :eek:

I've always owned at least two sets of scales including the ones that measure body fat but since I have stopped weighing I feel like I am making progress with weight loss. I think I must have been a serial weigher and it eventually got to me!!
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I'm sure my scales are rubbish! They were £12 from tesco but can give me one reading at lunchtime and i can be 3 or 4lbs heavier a few hours later despite not having eaten anything or drunk much! Its very odd- Im not sure I can justify the expense of a new set seeing as these are new, but me and my bf are both finding the readings a bit strange and I want to make sure I get accurate readings as I find it really motivating to see the weight come off.

Do you know if the weight watchers ones are any good? from the appearance of the box it looks as though they are made of thick glass- anyone have them? xx


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I got mine in boots. They're grand but I done have to weigh my self 3 times and get the average!! Also when I changed them from stones to lbs I got lighter!! So I really like them now!! :)

I just go by the pharmacy weigh in and use mine for a general idea... so long as they're headin down I'm happy out.
Hi everyone
well I bit the bullet and treated myself to some, they have a special on in asda for £10, and they are really accurate however they were heavier boo hoo, 11.10.2 lbs (how accurate is that) so going to go of this anyway, like hubby said still lost 7lbs but just a bit heavier
Digital scales are the most accurate. Sounds like maybe you need a new battery.


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I have the Lloyds one too. They are very good.:D


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Yep I'm the same...a different tile in my bathroom will give me a different reading, so I have to make sure I am on the same tile everytime I weigh myself!!:rolleyes:

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