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When I was on LL I know on my scales I looked ok when I was 13st 5lbs, currently on my CDC scales I'm 16st 2.25lbs whereas on mine I'm 15st 8lbs.

Do you judge by your scales or your CDC? I think if I weigh myself after every CDC weighin then I'll keep track of both weights.

Just wondered what everyone else did


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My cdc scales and mine are within 0.5lbs of eachother so i tend not to worry too much if in your case you believe yours to be more accurate then keep and eye on those too i guess the weight loss will be the same but if the difference between ur and cdc is so big perhaps get weighed elsewhere just once to see where the true weight is maybe somewhere like boots and compare it to yours at home it maybe yours or your cdc scales are in need of renewal. Do you weigh on yours directly before or after ur weigh in as weight can fluctuate through the day?


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My CDC scales say I'm 2-3lbs heavier than my scales. I use her scales for my official weigh in's but use mine to make me feel better!!

Whichever ones you use, you should still lose the same amount of lbs.....
Wow thats a big difference. Mine are the same as my CDC's . What ever you lose should be the same, it's only when you get near target you will have to decided which ones to use. Can you not not weigh yourself on another set when you next go into town at boots or a chemist to see which ones are right? Lets hope it's yours:)
my scales say im 2lb heavier than my CDC's.. so i ignore mine lol
My CDC scales are about 3lbs heavier. I go by my own weigh in every Tuesday morning. I see my CDC on diff days, and also Im wearing different clothes each time so I cant say its 100% accurate. This week her scales said I stayed the same, but I think thats coz I was wearing a heavy gym kit! Where as my own said id lost 2lbs
My CDC's scales weigh me around 4/5lbs heavier than my own ones! Mine are brand new, weight watchers ones so I am gonna stick with them! Makes me feel better!
Mine are about 1/2 lb within the same as my cdc's.

To be honest it doesnt matter to much as they will both show or should show same weight loss each week. You could always go to a chemist and weigh yourself there see if it same as yours or your cdc but i would use my cdc as a official weigh in.
I just wait for my WI.......<shrugs>
I started CD on a Saturday morning but didn't see my CDC till the Monday evening so I track both weights. I tend to go by mine though as I only see my CDC every 3 or 4 weeks and there's no way I could go that long without knowing my losses, actually I can't even go a day without getting on the scales. Bad Tara. xx
Wow thanks for all the replies. I do just pay attention to the losses as they are the same over both pair, I weigh myself in the morning on mine, so I know they'll be a difference in the weight by the time I get to hers in the evening.

It's just that I know 13.5lb on mine - so in the morning - when I was a size 14 and happy with that - so I always add 2lbs towork out what I'll be in the evening on mine and it tends to work.

My main point is when I get to 13.5 in the AM on mine I'll still be 13.13 on hers so thinking if I should try to get to 13.5 on hers or mine! taking me into the 12s.

Hope that makes sense!!

Also I tend not to go so much by my weight more by how I feel and look.



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I see my CDC after work every 3 weeks so I weigh myself every Thursday naked (not a pretty sight) in the morning and this is the weight I go by.

I work long hours and travel to work so It's too tiring to go each week - I just want to get home at the end of the day!
My Scales

It is funny I was thinking today at what weight I look 'normal' at, (ie, not that fat woman.....).... And I think for me it is about 12st.......

And scales wise, I only see my cdc ever 4 weeks and I don't pay any attention to her scales as it is in the evening fully clothed.

I go by mine, in the morning, after a wee, & naked..... big difference, some times 5lbs in it.

(Great sleeping is, go to bed weight and get up 5lbs lighter, perhaps I should spend all day in bed for the next few weeks, I could get up a size 10 then... lol).... (I know the 5lb difference is extreme, normally it is 3-4lb for me, but 5lb has happened and on SS as well..)
My CDC's scales weighed me 4lb heavier than my own. She weighed me on the Friday afternoon, and I started the diet on Monday. I weighed myself on my own scales in the morning and just wearing my underwear. I'm going for my first weigh-in tomorrow, although it's early because she's away for a week. I'm going to go by my scales because I know they're accurate (plus she weighed me with my shoes on too). That and the fact that as well as only having done 5 days on the diet by then it's also my TOTM. So I'm going to make MY official weigh in day on Monday morning on my scales.
Weighed myself this morning, and I'm 15.03 so looking good for WI on Tuesday. 15.11 near enough so far!

When I move I'll be changing CDC - so will have to see what her scales say!


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My scales weigh in 3/4 lbs lighter then my CDC, so I take this into account, as long as you use the same scales each week it doesn't really matter!

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