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Scan bran

Scan bran is packed with fibre. its soo good for your digestive system, keeps you going to the loo regular. Fibre helps your digestive system to process food and absorb nutrients, can help to lower blood cholesterol and makes you feel fuller for longer and so helps to control your appetite.

Four slices of scan bran is the equivelant (in fibre) to...
5 cups of raw broccoli / 7 bananas / 4 cups of bran flakes

not only that it is nice with lots of philadelphia on top, or in a cake! x
But isn't that the same as rivita!! ?? X


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Mizkirsty said:
But isn't that the same as rivita!! ?? X
I dont know how it compares fibre wise, but they are similar in taste and texture. Im not sure exactly how they technically improve your losses unless you have problems going tbh.
Im not 100% on the differences, but as far as i know ryvita has more cals and quite alot less fibre (although does depend on the type of ryvita)! i think you can tell when you taste scan bran that it isnt the same lol. x
Oh ok - i dont think ill be investing in any then - think ill stick to the rivita thanks :) xx


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The challenge is five scan bran a day (a hexb's worth) for five days.

Scan bran is not particularly appetising - think extra-dry All Bran hammered flat! - but it fills you up and keeps you very regular. I've done the challenge twice, and both times I've lost 4lbs.
I looked at this in holland and barratt but it seemed very expensive. How much should it be usually?


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£1.20 in group for 10 slices.
I also habe had good losses when had this every day for 5 days.
I like scan bran cake, nice with muller light ice cream and berries yum yum x
I bought some tonight in h and b for :£1.35


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I would suggest searching in the main thread for scan bran (and also recipe thread - there are quite a lot of recipes that use scan bran). Opinions differ wildly on the taste. I can see that some of the posters above like it. I personally think that it tastes nothing like ryvita and would liken it to cardboard that has been left in a dusty attic for a few months - nothing that I've tried so far has made it much more palatable. I tried 2 scan bran cakes - 1 was horrible, the other one I overcooked. So I have 1 more packet at home to try and if the cake doesn't work or the ferrero rocher things, I won't be buying it again.

However, as you can see from above, some people have great results with it. So, maybe try it and see how you get on.

Gail x
I dont go to group so can't get hold of it there. I'm sure it was more than £1.35 when I saw it in h&b, might go have another look today.
I get it in Holland and Barrett, £1.35 for ten slices.

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