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Scared - Don't know what to do?? advice please

S: 19st5lb C: 11st3lb G: 11st3lb BMI: 23.9 Loss: 8st2lb(42.07%)

Well background is i started in december 08 at 17 n half stones and in July 09 i hit 11 n half!! Feel absolutly brilliant about myself and so very proud.

I started to work up the plans, 810 then 1000cal then 1200 cal. As i started to introduce more carbs i put on a few pounds (one or half a week). I knew this would happen and my counsellor told me but last night got weighed and put on another pound.

I did go out for an indian on saturday so was expecting that but psycologically putting on a pound a week is screwing with my head!!:cry: was in tears last night after weigh in because i felt so crap about myself. Poor husband said i still look the smae but in my head the fat me is coming out. Even today i feel really low and just want to go home and curl up in a ball :(

So i now don't know what to do.....
Option 1. Just carry on at 1000 cals (obviously won't be going for another indian again LOL) and making sure i weigh everything exactly and hopefully my body will adapt to the carbs
Option 2. Drop back to either SS+ or 810 and loose another stone so then i have the half stone to 'play with'

Really don't want to go back down the plans as had really bad constipation and don't relish the thought of having that again. also feel like a bit of a failure for going backwards.

My biggest fear is in the future i will be obsessed that if my weight flucuates by a pound i will be paranoid that i'm failing again!! I already feel as though i have failed.

Sorry to be so depressing but i could really do with some help xxx:sigh:
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Hi Ruth! I experienced exactly the same thing when I moved up to 1000 plan. It took my body a good month to adjust to having food (especially carbs) in it again. I was putting about a pound on a weekk, but this was all water retention because the body sort of goes into shock at having carbs in the system again and holds onto fluid.

However, it finally seems to have balanced itself out, last week I must have dropped all the retention because I lost 4 pounds.

My advice is, as hard as it seems, just stick to it. Your body may take longer than others to adjust to eating more normally again.

I have found that not eating carbs in the evening has helped, and i only have the tiniest portion in the day. Unfortunately my body just doesn't like them!

I know it can be really disheartening (just check out some of my posts on here at the time!) But I promise you that it will sort itself out in the end. Don't lose heart, just think of how far you have come, you've done brilliantly! xxx


Eat to live don't live to eat!
S: 16st4lb C: 14st10lb G: 12st4lb BMI: 33.2 Loss: 1st8lb(9.65%)
Oh Ruth, poor you, I feel exactly the same, I haven't lost anything since I went above 810, I'm now on 1200 till Friday then I have 4 weeks off cd, scared isn't the word! Yesterday morning I weighed in 3lbs heavier then this morning back to the weight I've been stuck at for the last few weeks! It is so frustrating isn't it, but you have to look in the mirror and just think if you look good then stuff what the scales say, it is very hard but something that you have to do, and positive encouragement from your husband cant be a bad thing :)



Cambridge Consultant
S: 15st1lb C: 8st10lb G: 8st10lb Loss: 6st5lb(42.18%)
Hey Ruth,
Hang in there hon you have done so fantastically well..... 107 pounds gone is truly fantastic.. You must look wonderful.
Its not easy going up the steps as your losses will slow down.. I have been on 1000 for about 3 weeks now and the last few weeks lost 1 1/2 pounds each week. I have had some rice, in the day but have tried not to have it in the evening.. To be honest I havent had as much as I should as I know my body doesnt like pasta, rice, bread too much but I have enjoyed adding the fruit..
Stick with it hon like Hannah said it does eventually come off..

Big H

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S: 23st11lb C: 19st1lb G: 15st0lb BMI: 37.2 Loss: 4st10lb(19.82%)
The only way I can keep weight off when finishing CD, is by exercise. I suggest you keep eating a normal diet and just add some additional exercise to your day - it makes a big difference!
S: 19st5lb C: 11st3lb G: 11st3lb BMI: 23.9 Loss: 8st2lb(42.07%)
Thanks curly - i just feel so despondant when those scales go up. I hadn't thought of eating the carbs during the day rather than at night - will try that.

Big H - i go to the gym twice a week at the moment and usually do a aerobic class twice as well. At the gym i use treadmill, crosstrainer and rower. Then weights to tone up the wobbly bits. Do you think i should increase the cardio work to keep the weight moving??

I have emailed by counsellor and asked for her to drop some more shakes off as i only ordered bars for yesterday when i was so up in the air about what to do. So i think i will stick with the 1000 for another week and see how it goes.....


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S: 10st0lb C: 9st3lb G: 8st8lb BMI: 24.4 Loss: 0st11lb(7.86%)
Stick with it honey, it all balances itself out in the end. Well done on your weightloss!! xx
Reading with great interest, having just taken the step up to 1000 and being carb sensitive.

Can't give you any advice based on experience, Ruth, but I can tell you the way you're thinking resonates with me and I really hope it settles for you soon, because it's awful feeling that way especially after such great losses.

My body doesn't like carbs either, curlywurly - I hadn't thought of having the carbs earlier in the day. The yellow book makes it looks so 'rigid'... yet I'm taking the 2 x CD meals at mid-morning and mid-afternoon as 'snacks' rather than with breakfast and lunch as directed, so why not do the same with the carbs? Think I'll try that. Too early days to tell whether I'll lose, gain or STS on 1000. I'm dreading either of the latter two, but I know there's a body and mind adjustment likely here so am trying to psych myself into it so it doesn't get to me as much as I fear it could.

Laura Croft

Happily maintaining
Remember it's natural to put your glycogen weight back on. It's not fat, it's just glycogen. I was told the amount is equal to about how much you lost at your first WI but some people say different. I had my WI the first time after 3 days and the amount I put on was pretty close to that. You may find your weight has gone up but your measurements haven't changed too or much at all :)

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