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Scared of AAM week!!

Hi, I'm on week 5 and its AAM week and i am afraid that i will not lose and get disheartened, what do you guys tend to eat on AAMW just concerned that i might go out of ketosis. I just had an omelette with mushrooms and a rasher of lean bacon and green salad, is this OK?
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great hope this works for me
It stands for add a meal week. Should be in your leaflet. X


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samstar, i think your omlette meal last night was just fine, it won't take you out of ketosis. Stick to proteins and fats (more protein than fat!) and you should be ok. Green salad is also ok but don't go overboard on it because it can knock you out of keto, same with veggies. Be especially careful of some veggies, obviously potatoes, but also sweetcorn, carrots, peas - try to avoid or eat in small quantities and make up your meal with protein instead although it feels counter to what we normally do on a diet it will keep you in keto and infact lean meat is pretty low in calories. Also, tomatoes, try to avoid or just have a tiny bit.

I think some good foods for aamw (or at least what i'll be eating, lol, i have it all planned out already i can't wait!) are... chicken (take skin off to avoid fat/cals but no strictly necessary), fish of any kind, lean steak, eggs, hard cheeses (cheddar best as it has next to no carbs), herbs and spices (try to use instead of sauces, or use sauces but make sure they aren't sugar loaded), tuna (nice snack/light meal either alone or with some salad, add a little vinegar and salt yummm).
Vinegar I have been told is a no no! And also salt will make you retain water and slow your losses down x
It's not just the sugar content in the sauces either! Some in fact most of them contain citric acid which will know you out if ketosis!


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a little salt won't hurt, you can have up to 6g a day and be healthy (count the salt in the shakes too) and i'd much rather retain a little fluid than retain fat... much easier to get rid of. But point taken.

Vinegar has never put me out of ketosis in past diets.. i'm a big fan of it, hehe. Each to their own i guess, whatever works at the end of the day. Likewise citric acid.

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