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Scared of Quark!!

Discussion in 'Slimming World Recipes' started by Jolly81, 25 January 2014 Social URL.

  1. Jolly81

    Jolly81 Full Member

    Hey all,

    I was a member of slimming world 8 years ago and lost over 3st. Even back then there was always talk of quark in group although I never knew what it was, what it tasted like or how to use it.

    Fast forward 8 years I'm now married and have a baby and I'm therefore far more accomplished at cooking but quark still scares the hell out of me!!!

    Any suggestions for using it? What are the general uses for it?

    Sorry for sounding like a plonker, I'm just a bit nervous to buy it and not really know what it tastes like or what I'm doing with it!

    Thanks :)
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  3. PeggyDee

    PeggyDee Full Member

    Don't worry Jolly. Quark is one of those ingredients you will never hear about if you are not trying to lose weight. I too did not know what to do with Quark at first.

    First: what does it taste like? Well, to me anyway, it tastes like nothing. It doesn't really have much flavour so your flavour needs to be in the other ingredients. But that is actually a bonus because it can be used in so many ways to add creaminess and texture to both sweet and savoury dishes.

    creamy pasta sauces or creamy baked potato fillings
    smoked salmon pate
    mousses (great for puds - chocolate mousse, strawberry mousse)
    dips for julienned veggies
    toppings for scan bran cakes
    SW cheesecakes

    Do you have access to the SW website - there are pages and pages of recipes there if you just type quark into the search box
  4. becki2009

    becki2009 Gold Member

    I love quark!
    I made a ham and leek cheese bake


    Half syn cake




  5. Jolly81

    Jolly81 Full Member

    Oh wow thanks guys! I guess it isn't too scary if I just think of it as a texture rather than a flavour- love the idea of using it as a mousse! :))
  6. juliebags

    juliebags Silver Member

    Mmmm those pics look delish ,,, please share the recipe for the vegetable bake xxxx
  7. becki2009

    becki2009 Gold Member

    It was one from pebbles recipes. I used quark instead of creme fraiche

  8. juliebags

    juliebags Silver Member

    Mmm thank you ,, some people have some great recipies on here ,,, really good for inspiration when getting fed up with the same old meals xx
  9. becki2009

    becki2009 Gold Member

    Yes! I try to try at least one new recipe a week!

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