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Hi everyone - i am starting my refeed tomorrow and i am dreading it. i'm so happy with my TFR that im worried that im going to lose will power and go off the rails altogether - im only doing refeed for a week and then maintenance for a week then back on tfr as i know i cant sit at my boyfriends family dinner and not eat - they think im mental enough. any help hint advice ???

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irish molly

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If you really have to come off now, try and view these weeks as a dry run for when you reach goal and go back to the real world of food. I have to agree with you that the prospect of food is daunting. Personally, I think that this is one of the downsides of LT. We get so used to the safety of TFR and probably don't do enough thinking about food and our attitude towards it.
Check out some of the menus like Tanya's or sarahlou's on the refeed section. Just try and make sensible choices, be very, very aware of portion sizes(I think this is where we really can go wrong). Eat slowly and stop once you start to feel full. Keep up the water as well. Lots of luck .


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Do you really need to come off TFR completly?
If you are that worried you could always do 1 shake 2 meals or 2 shakes 1 meal over the 2 weeks just so youve still got some control. You may even still lose weight this way too aslong as you are sensible.

You cant go far wrong during refeed if you follow it exactly. Good luck with whatever you decide. But bare in mind you might find it very difficult to get back onto TFR after having a break. I know personally i found it quite difficult but still managed it. Where as if you still have shakes and 1 or 2 meals your body wont go back into so much of a shock once you start back on TFR.

Oh, and be carefull with the alcohol if you are planning on having any at all. :)


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I know how you feel Angela. I have been doing 2 shakes and a meal for the past week so that I can eat at Christmas with the family, and I am finding it so hard to keep control. I have not eaten carbs and most of the meals have been lean meat and veg - I 'm trying to save the potatoes til Christmas Day. The biggest difference is feeling quite hungry a lot of the time - I think that my tum has said "ooo food gimme more " lol.

I'm going away on 28th to see a mate for the first time since March - it will be an overnight stay involving a trip to the local pub - he'd like me to have a few drinks lol so I might have to have the extra meal each day ie 1 shake 2 meals so that I can have a drink for the next few days. I dont drink much anyway but I think that I will need the "dutch courage" lol.

I was thinking of going to WW earlier in the new year - but am so so tempted to come back to TFR for a bit longer - maybe another 2 months or so - especially as my losses have been pretty poor over the past couple of weeks. Reading other people's posts are inspiring me again as I think I may have lost a little bit of focus recently.
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