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Scared to try new things

Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by Capri_Gal, 28 May 2014 Social URL.

  1. Capri_Gal

    Capri_Gal Full Member

    Hi all,
    Just found out that a leisure centre not too far from me offers aqua Zumba! I've always wanted to give this a go and, as I'm off work this week, tonight is the perfect night.

    Trouble is, I'm terrified of going alone! I don't have anyone to go with and I'm not sure I'm confident enough to do it by myself. I know i should get over it and just go - I can't spend my entire life scared of things - but I am!

    Don't know how anyone can help - just needed to write it down I think!
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  3. LV30

    LV30 Gold Member

    Awwwww, if I lived near you, i'd come!!

    Just go for it... seriously, no one CARES about anyone else. Everyone is just worried about themselves!! When I go to these things (same as you - when i pluck up the courage!), I don't care who is there and especially not what they look like!! Just go and have fun and have a good laugh!!

    When you come home later, you'd be wondering why you were being so silly... You'll be fine!!

  4. MrsTinaV

    MrsTinaV Loving Married Life

    Yep just go for it Hun. I joined a gym and go alone, was scared that people would be like 'what's that fatty doing here'. But it's not, I just do my thing and other do theirs.
  5. LittleFlo

    LittleFlo Member

    Go for it! I'm sure it'll be great fun and you might even meet some new people :)
  6. RosiePops

    RosiePops Gold Member

    Agree with the above! In my experience people at the gym are only bothered about themselves- either worrying about what you think of them or cracking on with their exercise to get it out of the way! Go and enjoy :) x
  7. Go. Arrive early and talk to the instructor. Explain - they will understand and help you. And think just how great you will feel afterwards.
  8. lentil2

    lentil2 Gold Member

    Bite the bullet and go.
    Not only will the exercise have its own benefits but it will also boost your confidence knowing that you've done something that you were afraid of doing!
    What was that book called now? Face the fear...and do it anyway. Something like that!!

    Go on...go for it!
  9. Mrs CC

    Mrs CC Silver Member

    I'm the same with things like this! Was terrified of going back to class this week cos I was worried what everyone would say about me crawling back a stone heavier. It turns out no one I knew from before was there anyway! I'm so glad I went it was fine!
  10. Capri_Gal

    Capri_Gal Full Member

    Thanks for all your replies! My hubbie ended up running late from work so I couldn't go - don't know whether I was relieved or disappointed!

    Have been on a real downer all day, I think the exercise would've done my mood good.

    Have promised myself that I will go swimming tomorrow afternoon - I have to start doing some form of exercise!
  11. LV30

    LV30 Gold Member

    Go for it! A nice swim will do you the world of good! And you'll get some of those feel good exercise endorphins!! They'll lift your mood!!
  12. RosiePops

    RosiePops Gold Member

    thats a shame :( enjoy your swim tomo! Know what you mean re mood- felt rubbish this afternoon, angry, sad and really frustrated but a blast on the cross trainer and some weights strangely did the trick!
  13. CharlieJYN

    CharlieJYN Full Member

    Have you tried to get to aqua zumba yet? I love swimming and being in the water so that sounds really interesting.

    I started yoga a few months ago now but was so scared the first week. I love it though and really feel the good it's doing me so I'm so glad I tried. We do some meditation/relaxation at the end of the class where we have to repeat in our mind something positive three times - for my first week I said 'I overcame my fear and I have enjoyed myself'!
  14. rm247

    rm247 Full Member

    I'm assuming Aqua Zumba is very similar to Aqua Aerobics?
    I felt the same when i was about to go to my sfirst session but i really enjoyed it and still go every week, I've copied my "review" of my first session below.

    I arrived early for the session which was a mistake as most people arrive bang on time or a few minutes into the session. Whilst waiting for the session to start the pool was still open for free swim, so being a male there by himself did make e feel very self-conscious, this got more so as groups of women started filling to pool to start. the only other male turned up after the session started, however there were a wide range of ages.

    The session itself featured a variety of exercises, starting with running on the spot based ones, to line dancing style, stretching, etc. At no point did we actually swim and several of the women there did not even get their hair wet. The session lasted about 50 minutes of the hour, but that's normal, I was worried I'd be paying for a hour and get a 10 minute session with 50 minutes swimming time.

    The movements themselves are quite fun, due to being in the water you can't control/move your body as normal so just stepping side to side takes effort. You are slower than normal but use more muscle. Only about 2/3rds of the group finished the session as people got out mid-way through whenever they felt tired.

    It was overall an enjoyable experience and i'll go again but time it better.
  15. sareypoop

    sareypoop Full Member

    Would love to know what you thought of Aqua Zumba if you went. I do aqua fit and Zumba and love them both so aqua Zumba sounds right up my street!
  16. CharKearney

    CharKearney Full Member

    Love the idea of Aqua Zumba! I currently attend 3 classes a week (spinning, body conditioning and Insanity) and 6 months ago I never had the get up and go or confidence to even set foot in a gym! I've always been very self concious, however as the others have said, you just bite the bullet! You'll feel fantastic for it after!

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