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Hey guys,

I watched embaressing bodies the other night and a women was on there who had lost 5 stone and went into the clinic about her saggy boobs...

I have more than 5 stone to lose and my boobs have always been my best asset... I am now petrified about have lots of saggy skin on my boobs!!! :eek:

Is it worth being skinny and having terrible boobs?!!:confused:
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Everyones different but you have me worried now as ive got more than 5 stone to lose also, haha! Oh deary me!! lol xx


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I know how you feel, but I just keep telling myself that a bit of loose skin and a thinner body has got to be better than being so overweight!


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I have the toots of a 40 odd year old im sure :D ...lolol to be fair though mine have just gotten smaller... they have like wrinkled bits if i bend over lol.. but other than that they look ok!!! can you tell from my pics my toots are bad??

All about the clothes girls!


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I'd agree with Leah, I'd prefer to lost weight and have saggy wrinkly boobs then stay fat! It's all about a good bra!


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I have lost 10st can you imagine mine - spaniels ears don't cover it believe me lol:banana dancer:

Come on girls big, with good boobs, slim with realistic ones after weightloss? It's a reality unfortunately but I would chose being healthy over good boobs anyday.


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Can always get a toot job if anyones that bothered

Believe me...once your thin.... you wont give a monkeys arris what ya toots look like...trust me!


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If I put a wonder bra on it be wondering when the hell I was going to take the poor thing off and give it a break :D.


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I've lost 6 stone so far, and while there are little bits that need toning and my stomach is not good, but I have to admit my boobs are fab. They seemed to have stayed so I have gone from 42C to 34DD.


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No yours look fab! Thanks for the replies guys, I guess once i can fit into the clothes i love its going to be the last thing on my mind! Although I do hope they get smaller, buying a bra under £30 will be a blessing!!!:p


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i watched that on tv yesterday not every body gets boobs like that that one must have been a extreme case
ive lost in total 3 stone over the year on and off cd
and still got 2 stone to loose and the weight loss has not effected my boobs at all id say there still firm and im 39 this year
but my stomach looks like jelly lol
but id rather be slim and fit it to nicer clothese than worrying about the saggy wobbly bits lol
but the boobs on tv did scare me lol


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Mine aren't toooooooooo bad, tummy is another matter. They have only now started to really go down in size but definitely are saggier.

Wouldn't swap pert boobs for my size 10 waist though, anyday! They had to sag sometime I suppose, I'm 34 next week *sighhhhhhhhhhhhh*


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I've lost 8 stone and my boobs are still ok. They do look a bit wrinkly if I bend forward but the answer is not to do that naked!

Would I rather be fatter and have my huge boobies back? Not for a second.


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:giggle:at this thread. I love mine although they are heading south. I'm going to review the situation when I get to goal and if they need sorting out then I'm going to book myself in at the nearest transform clinic. I have a sneaking suspicion that I'll need to have excess skin removed too :( But I can just kill two birds with one stone :)


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;) :D


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I lost 5st and a half st and my boobs were fine, certainly nothing like the Embarrassing Bodies girls boobies. I use Bio Oil everyday, I don't know if it really works, or whether I'm just lucky enough to have biggish boobs no matter what.


Another one that wouldn't swap the sagginess for being big again. I can cover everything up with great clothes!