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hi everyone, hope you are all doing well?

i started to refeed 7 weeks ago after losing 8 and a half stone on lipotrim in 5 and a half months, on day 4 of refeed i was in agony throughout the night with a pain just under my ribs and in my back'just under my shoulder blade' on the right hand side,that felt like a burning/contracting sensation/pain and was really intense,paracetamol does not shift the pain... i thought it was just my body getting used to eating again but it came back after only a couple of days and it lasts for anything from 2-24 hours! i did have a 12 day gap in between the pain and thought it had gone but it came back yet again so i went to the doctors eventually as i was sure that after 6 weeks of eating i still shouldnt be experiencing the pain.

so i went to the doctors 9 days ago, he listens to my symptoms,feels my abdomen and tells me that he thinks it may be gallstones and that he is going to get me an appointment at the general hospital for an ultrasound scan and if my pain gets worse or if i start to vomit then i will need to be hospitalised...

so today '9 days after my appointment at the doctors' i get a call from the hospitals radioligy department asking me if i can make it on tuesday for my scan, i am now really scared as to why they have contacted me this soon after my doctors appointment? :cry::cry::cry: i have convinced myself that my doctor must've made a note to them saying it is urgent but just not said anything to me and now i am sooooooooooo scared.....:(:cry:

yes i am glad that i have the appointment so i can find out what is causing me this pain that is so bad i can't move and that i havent had to wait for weeks but i am paranoid now that there is more to it and the doctor just didnt tell me, do you think it is weird to get an appointment so soon

sorry that i sound so weird but it is honestly really bothering me to the point that i want to ring the hospital and ask them why they rang me for this appointment so soon and not somebody else that has probably been waiting for weeks and weeks for an appointment:wave_cry:
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Well done for the weight loss.Try not to worry to much about the appointment.If it is gallstones at least you will know and they will be taken out, and the pain will be over with.Good luck and let us know what the out come is.
hey dont worry!! i had gallstones and had them taken out not long before i started LT. I went into a+e with the pain and they gave me morphine cos it got so bad, so they are probably doing it quick before they strike again. I had my scan about 1 week after i went into a+e, so it is probably ok!! i bet you've had them for a while, but haven't had an attack because you wouldn't have been eating fatty foods while on lipotrim, and now they've kicked in since you've started eating again!!

Once they found the stones in my ultrascan, i had the op pretty soon after (so dont worry if they do the same for you too) and it's really no problem (i was out the morning after and the scarring is really minimal if they take it out keyhole) but it was the best thing i ever did; i know how horrible the pain is...it is excrutiating (and felt to me almost like childbirth) so i know what you're going through. in the meantime really try hard to not eat anything with a hint of fat in, so it doesnt set it off again (and think of it this way, at least if you do have to have the op, you're at a much healthier weight now for the anaestetic)

good luck hun and dont worry too much x


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Often the rapid response time is to do with acheiving government targets now..some Trusts don't have hardly any wiating times for diagnostic tests as they do late clinics etc, try not to panic xxx


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Nick, this happened to me too, don't worry about the speed of the test, the Trusts have all been given resources to get radiological tests speeded up, to help with meeting Government targets.
I got gallstones after losing 6 stone on LL 10yrs ago during refeed. I had them out (keyhole)and now no problems.
Avoid any thing oily or fatty while you wait, coz it causes your gallbladder to contract to release bile and you may get another attack. You'll soon be sorted out, don't be scared Hun, we'll all help you.
Good luck xxxx
Hey hon
Dont worry about them giving you an appointment what will have happened is this
, the hospital has to meet a target of 18 weeks from referral to 1st initial treatment to do this most hospitals have to get you your first outpatient appointment by about 5 weeks someone has cancelled their appointment for whatever reason and to fill the slot they will have gone through the waiting list and picked someone who was likely to be available at short notice when they do this they usually pick young people as they dont need to rely on other people coming with them or need hospital transport to get them there . It will just be you were one of the young uns and as the girl who books appointments had seen your referral recently so she picked you seriously it happens all the time dont worry about it you just got to Q jump xx I do it all the time at work xx
ak Nicki...ya silly sausage. Your pain definitely sound like gallstones -definitely. I could go months without an attack or it could be a few in a week. An appointment probably just became available. By the same score my first date for goin into have the gallbladder removed was postponed the day before because a more urgent case came up. You'll be fine -like has been said, as little fat as poss -no fizzy drinks, no dairy and rest. Normal painkillers wont help so do what you can to try to avoid it babes. If you feel it coming on (although I know they're usually very sudden) try to have some hot water or black tea and grab a hot water bottle. I dont envy you at all it really is horrific.

Good luck woman -hopefully it'll all be over with soon.
ooh also I was told by docs at A&E that codeine can aggravate it so avoid co-codamol or any codeine based painkillers at all cost!
Ah Hun, so sorry to hear you are suffering but glad to here you have your scan next week.

I had a conversation yesterday with someone who did LT for 2 weeks who got gallstones afterwards and was warning me that I ma get them as she blamed LT for them!!! Nothing to do with the fact she was obese and had been dieting for a while before she tried LT!!!! I do worry about them but, hey, I could have got them when I was obese or at anytime so I'll just hope I don't get them but deal with it if I do!!!

Good luck with the treatment Nicki and I hope you feel better soon.


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