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Completely agree!

I think the strawberry is the nicest, have you found that the different flavours take different consistencies?

Cause for me banana is always squishy and chocolate very biscuity
i've only just discovered them, didnt want to be having a full shake now so i looked at that recipe thread and OH volunteered to make a shmuffin for me! i had a chocolate one - i now want to try all the others haha. can't wait for my next pack, bizarre.

i dont like strawberry usually (as in, in shake form) is it different shumuffinised? :)
I don't like strawberry either but I find the strawberry shmuffin the nicest.

Its werid but in the mornings I am really looking forward to my shmuffin as I have it for breakfast.

I'm just go glad I found them as was really struggling with the shakes, now the only thing I don't enjoy is the tomatoe soup so will have to do a bit of exerimenting with that one!


Likes to change diets...
oooo...might have to give them a try!:)


Likes to change diets...
Hi jennyonaplate.

If you go to LL forum you will see thread for
' unnofficial recipes with food packs'. Have a look. I have just made my strawberry shake into a 'muffin'. I dissolved a sweetner in the water first and then added the pack. Its surprisingly nice!!

I never did make anything with the LL packs as they worked out too expensive if things went wrong but I'm happy I have had a go with exante:)
I dont like schmuffins but, I add half the water and heat in the microwave, it comes out thick and warm, kind texture as thick weetabix with hot milk
I must admit I do like the schmuffins but dont find them filling at all. I get starving about an hour after one. That said Im not in ketosis so might be less of a problem if you are.