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Schoolboy error!

On Sunday, after a 7.5 walk with my local ramblers group, as usual we finish up in the pub.

Being teetotal at present, I usually have black coffee and take my own sweetener. Anyway I forgot my own, and the pub only had "real" sugar. So I stuck to diet coke.

I inexplicably ordered a can of ordinary full-fat full sugar the "real thing" Coke! firstly, I don't even like the stuff! - diet Coke is my preference even when not dieting. I was horrified to check the syn content (7 syns for a lousy 330ml can). I figure I needed the energy to replenish after the walk though.

Half a days syns on can of pop!

Has anyone else just had a mental block and just done the wrong thing without even thinking/realising?
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Devon Dolce

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The new Ski Delights - caramel, white chocolate and chocolate - 5.5 syns each! Think I may have had 2 each day for a couple of days before realising! Eek! xxx
ive eaten loads of black cherry chocolate mullerlights b4 and not known they had syns! and demolishing mugshots which i thought ALL were free lol oh and eating the wrong pitta breads.. the list goes on! xxxx


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Yeah, I made a mistake with the McCain rustic oven chips - I didn't realise the syn value changes when they're cooked. Ended up having 10.5 syns worth. Oops!

Your body must have been craving the sugar rush after the walk. Full Fat Coke used to be my weakness. I would easily have drunk a full 2 litre bottle of it per day!!! Think of all those syns!


all for my little man x
I had been eating low fat creme freche as free for a few weeks convinced it was the same thing as natural yoghurt, thought it tasted a bit too nice!
Lolacola - the syn value for chips doesn't change when they are cooked they are just lighter when cooked as opposed to frozen so depends when you weigh them, 100g of frozen chips is a lot less than 100g of cooked chips :)


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I had a bottle of J20 thinking it wouldn't be too bad syn wise - 6 1/2 syns :eek: for the bottle. I know its nice but its not worth that many syns
Yeah, I made a mistake with the McCain rustic oven chips - I didn't realise the syn value changes when they're cooked. Ended up having 10.5 syns worth. Oops!
How can the syn value change for these? Surely theres no point having a syn value for uncooked ones? :confused:

My favourite schoolgirl error which I make reasonably often even though I do KNOW this now, is mushy peas on a red day. NOT FREE! NOT FREE!
*free* soup on a red day and the realising it had potatoes in abundance in them.

Stevie child, you so deserve a treat now and then so be kind to yourself. You have done so well.

Ela ine

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tut tut :p

hate it when that happens. However, could have been worse.. you could have ordered a regular diet coke in the cinema, cashier could have said 'it's only 10p extra for a large' and ended up with an extra large (huuuuugggee!) diet coke for your movie.

Four sips later.. realise the bint had given you full fat.


You're doing so well though! Don't sweat :p (or if you do, try to sweat out 7 syns :D)
I always panic in a club/bar when i ask for a Vodka DIET coke that they dont hear me - so i end up YELLING! they must think i am a right deaf noodle!!!


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