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Scooterchick's diary


She's me in a few months
Hey All,

Need to get serioius about this!!! Ok so I'm 16 weeks pregnant and the last 12 weeks (since BFP) I've thrown caution to the wind and enjoyed everything I've put in my mouth, so much so that I'm now 12lbs heavier than I was at the start of my pregnancy. And given I was 16st 2lb at the start I really shouldn't have put on any weight.

I was also told to stop taking metformin at the start of my pregnancy, that was my wonder drug that stopped me putting on weight so realistically my aim has to be to minimise the weight gain from here on in. As I have PCOS I don't think losing weight is possible (cambridge was the only diet that worked for me) but controlling the weight gain is possible.

So my aim is to put on no more than 1 or 2 lbs a month from this point on. 5 months to go so 10lbs at the most giving a total pregnancy gain of 22lbs. Not too bad eh?
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Good luck ;) we are all behind you :)


She's me in a few months
Yeeha! I've lost a lb overnight and today when I saw the midwife she phoned and got me an appt with the dietician for 22 July!! I could have another stone on by then!! Still, it's better than nowt. She checked my blood pressure and urine but said it was too early to listen to bubba's heartbeat so need to wait til 22 weeks for that. She was lovely, the same midwife I saw most of the time when I was pg with DS. And she said nothing to worry about not feeling movements, they'd wouldn't be bothered about that until 24 weeks.

All in all a good appt!
Good luck with keeping the weight gain to a minimum :) I'm seeing a dietician on 7th July. Never seen one before (despite doctors mentioning my weight to me over the last few years), so it'll be interesting to see what they say.


She's me in a few months
So far so good I've sts! Went to aqua natal yesterday for the first time which was great so that might have squeezed out some water as I was 2lb heavier yesterday morning but back down today. Weird bodies.


She's me in a few months
Well week one of being careful and although my weight fluctuated up and down during the week the end result is I've sts!!!!! Yeeha, I'm happy with that. Onto a new week. :)
Well done:), it feels strange how during pregnancy a STS becomes such an achievement, at any other time when we are watching our weight it would be a dissapointment LOL. I am soooo grateful for my STS these days. So a huge well done to you;)


She's me in a few months
Oh no! I've put on 2lbs this week!!!! Arghhhhh!!

In preparation for seeing the dietician on the 22nd July, I've to keep a food diary this week, so perhaps writing it down can pull it back a bit. I hope.


She's me in a few months
Well here I am 34+4 and weighing 18st 12lb, haven't I been a little piggy. I can only hope that baby will get rid of a stone and a half instantly and I can shift the rest through breastfeeding. Then it's bac on cambridge!!

So a total weight gain so far of 2st 10lbs. Oh dear.

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