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scottish newbie

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by eastybeasty, 5 July 2014 Social URL.

  1. eastybeasty

    eastybeasty Well-Known Member

    hi everyone :)

    think this will be the third time I've started on weightwatchers. first time was quite successful but I'm an all or nothing kinda gal so was running 3 times a week as well, stopped that, stopped WW and the weight went back on funnily enough. i need to work out how to lose weight and keep it off in a sensible way, never done that before but i want that to happen. I'm 32, from Scotland, live near stirling and well.....hi! :) x
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  3. courtneysmummy

    courtneysmummy Trying to lose weight

    I'm Amelia, 26 (soon 27) from Glasgow. I have started dieting again, started with slimfast about 2 months ago where I just kept failing.
    I have now started just watching what I eat, cut out all the junk food and looking to look 5 stone in total.

    If you fancy a chat then let me know.
  4. eastybeasty

    eastybeasty Well-Known Member

    hi :)

    good to hear from you. To be honest I think the best approach is watching what you eat, I lost about a stone years ago over a short period using this really expensive faddy diet. Trouble was when I stopped the weight went back on so I'm following weight watchers now which I think is a healthier approach. :)
  5. Georgeofthejungle

    Georgeofthejungle New Member

    Hey girls :)

    I'm 28 in Aberdeen. Just started back at Slimming world after being off it for a year and piling all the weight back on minus 1/2 a pound I managed to keep off.... :/

    I did Slim fast before but really struggled with it because I found the shakes gave me a sugar buzz and then if proper crash in the afternoon! It was horrible! Do you get that?

    I heard the new WW diet is like slimming world. It's all the same theory really. Eat less bad stuff! Haha.

    I just joined MM's tonight. Everytime I google stuff about diets a thread from this site comes up so thought I'd join in :)

    Georgenna xx
  6. eastybeasty

    eastybeasty Well-Known Member

    hey :)

    should have said before, I'm near Stirling, from Fife originally. Its good to hear from other people that have got a similar goal! I've never tried slimfast, i want food not drinks! hehe

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