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Scottish Slimmers

Hiya. A girl on another forum lost 6st on it and prob more now. I visited website and I'm still not sure how it works. Good luck anyhow. :)


Queen of the Damned
Would be really interested to hear how it works - wishing you much luck :)

Mrs B

Silver Member
Thank you!

DQ it seems to be similar to WW now. A bit different to when I did it last. You are allowed a number of "choices" each day depending on your weight. A choice is approx 25 calories. Then you also have a milk allowance (or other dairy), two "free" portions of fruit and a list of "free" vegetables.

I've had breakfast, lunch and tea plus a couple of snacks and I've still got 10 choices left. And some fruit to have at supper time.

Mrs B

Silver Member
All by mysee-eeefl, don wanna be all by all by myseee-ee-eeeelf anymore.

Hey Dancing how are you? Did you decide on SW or WW?

BTW the door's locked now and you can't get out, lol.

Mrs B

Silver Member
Good one. Never thought of Comfortably Numb. Mind you if I'm singing in here it's no wonder everyone else is elsewhere. SW definitely isn't easy. Good luck!
I was alone,
I was all by myself,
Noone was looking,
I was thinking of you,
oh yeah did i mention?
That i was all by myself!

Hows the scottish slimmer division of minimins coping today? What type of things do you eat? xx

Mrs B

Silver Member
Hi BG you're all so good not leaving me alone in here!

I've had Special K for brekkie, fruit salad for a snack, soup and salad for lunch and a Tesco sweet chilli chicken ready meal for tea, then I had some crackers and cheese spread at my parents.

Why are you sad?

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