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Scott's Weight Loss Diary...

ok, now iv decided im back and im back for good now, i always get support and read lots of usefull advice on here.

now 3 weeks ago to the day i woke up with motivation and decided i needed to get my act together, i weight myself at a staggering 242lb..

ok so i got up and did 20 situps, 20 pressups, and 30 reps of leg excercise.

i then picked up the dog lead and walked a good 2 hours down the canal,

called in at the supermarket and picked up fruit n veg and some chicken pasta rice etc..

ok now im measuring all my food into portions and here is an example of a daily plan.

wake up at 5.30am
Breakfast have 30g of crunchy nut with 1x sliced banana and a bit of ss milk

Around 12ish,
dinner, have portion of steamed fish, 62.5g of rice with peas, brockly, coliflower

Around 5ish,
Tea, weight watchers meal for example chicken hotpot.

now during the day i will have a banana, apple, pear, orange and few grapes


5.30am mornin workout as above
5.50am walk dog 20 mins

then the same at night varies from 8pm to 11pm as i work long shifts.

ok so after week one i went down


week 2


week 3

-3lb Today

im happy with the results as i have had a few hickups where iv not been abl to get hold of fresh fruit when its started going bad but im still happy with them.

please all comments are welcome and any helpfull advice is always apprechiated.

sorry if i have bored you :)
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Hey Scott,

You seem to be doing pretty damn good so far and the losses are looking great!

Are you following any diet in particular or just low cal? if low cal how many are you trying to stick to.

The meals sound good to me, I am just starting lowcal 1500 a day max (more details in my new diary of which a link is in my signature :p)

I cant believe you are up at 5.30am lol I get up about the same time (in the evening lol) literally atm!!! My sleep patterns are so messed up i dont fall asleep till about 6am!

What is your goal weight that you are aiming for? I have considerably more than you to lose, am 306lbs atm, goal weight of 140lbs!!

Anyways, keep up the good work and good luck with it all.

Kel xx
hey kel,

thank you for your reply, yes unfortunately i haven't been in much look with employment being made redundent 3 times in a year and half so now i have to just take what comes, 6 days a week 5.30am start lol 4 of them days 9pm finish :(

im still doing well and im keeping it up, i haven't really taken that much notice of the calories but i make sure my meals are no more than 300-400 each meal. i know breakfast is 200kcal then my fruit for snacks.

i want to get down to the same weight as yourself, im now 229 which is great im hoping to get to 205 for christmas if possible. then 65lb to go through 2010. i find it difficult at times because i work such long hours.

i will have a read through your diary now snd keep updated, good luck with your weightloss aswell your well on your way :) keep it up.
Well I can say I'm now 15lb lighter Nd feeling good I have also just had a parcel delivered. Excellant adidas boost running shoes, just need to keep at it now and push myself at runnin in the cold
Well done, you are doing great. Nice to see you have treated yourself to some decent trainers, that will definately help :) Just make sure you wrap up warm its bitterly cold out there.

Kel xxx
Well done, you are doing great. Nice to see you have treated yourself to some decent trainers, that will definately help :) Just make sure you wrap up warm its bitterly cold out there.

Kel xxx

thanks :) i am doing ok in the cold lol its actually warm once you get started, just hurts the lungs abit from the coldness but gonna start wrapping a scarf around my mouth to try and breath warmer air..

other than that everything is still going well and the weight is coming off :)

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