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Scraggyanna's new one day at a time diary

Hello all,

I have been seriously off plan for way too long, and yesterday with the sun shining and everyone else wearing nice little dresses whilst i was in jeans and a top really hit home that it is time to get sorted.

So, one day at a time starting today....

Sunday 11th April

Red day:

Breakfast: Fat free greek yogurt with 2tsp honey (2 syns) and frozen fruit

Lunch: Tuna with tomatoes and cucumber and 6 wholemeal Ryvita crackerbreads (HEB) - ended up only having three as OH decided my lunch looked better than his!!

Snack: 12.5g milkybar 3.5 syns, orange

Dinner: Currently planning hunters chicken - chicken with homemade syn free BBQ sauce, bacon and 28g cheese (HEA) with salad (lettuce, cucumber, tomato, beetroot, mushrooms) - added some new potatoes for second HEB

Syns: 5.5
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Monday 12th April

Green day:

Breakfast: Fat free greek yogurt with grapes, frozen fruit and 2tsp honey (2 syns)

Snack: nectarine, kelloggs chocolate extra fibre cereal bar (HEB)

Lunch: Resisted the provided sandwiches for my half a pack of Ainsley Harriott moroccan medley couscous (1/4 syn) with cucumber, tomato and beetroot, and some grapes.

Snack: 4 brazil nuts (4 syns) and some pineapple

Dinner: Sweet potato, cauliflour, broccoli and pork escalope (HEB + 5 syns)

Syns: 11 1/4
Tuesday 13th April

Red day:

Breakfast: Fat free greek yogurt with frozen fruit and 2tsp honey (2 syns)

Snacks: nectarine

Lunch: 5 wholemeal crackerbreads (HEB), 28g cheese (HEA) and cucumber and some pineapple

Snack: grapes, apple and a couple of bits of Sainsbury's GFY tikka chicken fillets (1/2 syn)

Dinner: Spaghetti bolognese made with extra lean mince with lots of veg and Colman's packet mix (2 syns), and 100g wholemeal spaghetti (HEB) and 28g cheese (HEA)

Syns:4 1/2 (although just about to investigate the number of syns in a mini magnum so may need to update!!

Did indeed eat the mini magnum, and it was niiiiiiiiiice - 8 1/2 syns, taking the day's synnage up to 13, so still within allowance.
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Wednesday 14th April

Green day:

Breakfast: FF greek yogurt with frozen fruit and 2 tsp honey (2 syns)

Snack: Alpen light bar (half my HEB unless I need it later, then I will syn this!) and a nectarine

Lunch: Half a pack of Ainsley Harriott's couscous (1/4 syn!) with tomato, cucumber and beetroot, and some pineapple.

Snack: Grapes and maybe a plastic fork - wonder what the syns would be?!

Dinner: Yesterday's spag bol but green style! Wholemeal spaghetti, mince (HEB), lots of veg, Colmans mix (2 syns) and maybe 28g cheese (HEA)

Snack: 2 squares of Milka (4 syns), orange

Syns: 8 1/4!
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Thursday 15th April

Red day:

Breakfast: FF greek yogurt with frozen fruit and 2 tsp honey (2 syns)

Lunch: 5 crackerbreads (HEB) with light Dairylea triangles (HEA), nectarine, pineapple

Snack: Apple

Dinner: Tuna, salad with lettuce, cucumber, tomato, beetroot, radish, pepper, mushrooms and new potatoes (HEB)

Snack: half a fondant fancy! (4 syns)

Syns: 6
Friday 16th April

Red day:

Breakfast: Fat free greek yogurt with frozen fruit and 2 tsp honey (2 syns)

Snack: Nectarine, Kelloggs ectra fibre bar (HEB)

Lunch: Tuna with lots of salad - lettuce, beetroot, radish, tomato and some pineapple

Snack: Four mini eggs (3 syns)... I had some grapes in my bag and didn't even need them, but was bored on the train journey home so a bit annoyed at my lack of restraint!!

Dinner: ASDA wholemeal pitta (HEB) with bacon (fat cut off) and salad of cucumber, tomato and lettuce

Syns: 5....so far - may well have an ice cream or something in a bit because the sun is out and the evening is lovely....but I'll try to sway myself towards the orange in the fruit bowl. Well....I had the orange, and then a cookie at 4 syns, so total syns for today is 9!!
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