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Scrambled Egg

Discussion in 'Slim and Save - Recipes' started by healey1991, 28 April 2014 Social URL.

  1. healey1991

    healey1991 Member

    Hi Everyone!

    This is my 1st day on S&S
    Did it this time last year, came off it feeling amazing, then I fell back in love with wine, bread, crisps and chocolate!
    So here I am

    Had the scrambled egg this morning, it wasn't toooo bad but near the end I was just literally swallowing it with water
    Can anyone recommend when I can do to make it taste a bit better?
    Luckily I think I only purchased 4/5 packs!

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  3. Sammy_D

    Sammy_D Active Member

    Maybe try adding some herbs like chives or chopped corriander? Or mixing in some chopped mushrooms so it's kind of like a mushroom omlette? When I don't like something I just add loads of salt, pepper and veg to cover it up!

    On a side note - I don't really understand the scrambled egg packs when you can just have 2 eggs instead of a pack! What a strange product for them to introduce.
  4. deepwaters5

    deepwaters5 Well-Known Member

    Those doing Simplicity can't have eggs so for them it's a great new pack. I didn't like the taste all that much of this pack and I had a bit of bacon added to mine. I do Lifestyle so not really an issue and can use other packs more.
  5. patriciasmith

    patriciasmith Member

    Well I simply go for omelet..It's just an ideal breakfast.. just couple of bread slices and omelet..complete breakfast.. :) :)

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