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Sea Buckthorn - trying this out

A few months ago before I really committed to getting the weight off, I bought this "Sea Buckthorn Elixir" stuff by Weleda from Nutricentre, and when I bought it I noticed it was listed on a few sites as helping weightloss. I bought it because I'd been feeling unwell off and on for a while, and reading up on things it looked like it might be helpful - I didn't draw conclusions either way on whether it was, or whether I just got better naturally in the end. I am totally open to herbal and naturopathic products, but also aware of how strong the placebo effect is, and also confirmation bias... :hmm:

Anyway, back to the stuff - it's basically sea buckthorn berries (wikipedia) as a sugary syrup, and I have a big problem with the word "elixir" (sounds SO snake oil!) BUT I did notice that the scales dropped a little, without me actually eating any less... unfortunately the stuff was so bloody yummy that I got through the whole bottle in just a couple of days! :D

It didn't have a laxative or diuretic effects, so I figured it's nice anyway, seems healthy, and can't do any harm.

I've hit a bit of a plateau now, due in part to not walking that much recently, and recently I had a craving for glacé ginger, so scoffed a whole pot over a couple of days, which added a generous 630+cals to my week! :rolleyes:

So, I've reordered the "elixir" (wooooo! :giggle:) and I'm going to give it a 2-week trial now I'm seriously going for it with my weight, this time fighting off (I greatly hope) the desire to guzzle it all down in a short period... and I'll keep posting here if I get any results.

My stats are in the sidebar, not sure if my age is listed anywhere but I'm about to turn 41, to give this little guinea-pig thingy some background! :cool:

Has anyone else tried this stuff before, and if so, did you notice any effect on your weight? :)
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Yeah, please keep us posted. I have read up on it before actually, but not tried it myself. I do take green tea tablets for the same reason, and they have had no affect on my weight loss whatsoever.
Is this elixir expensive? I know some of these things come with a hefty price tag.
It's £9.95 for a small bottle, about the size of cough syrup, which isn't cheap at all but you only use a couple of tablespoons a day - in theory anyway! :8855:

Logic tells me that nothing can magically burn fat, but I can just about afford it and it's got to be worth a try, I've not seen anything implying it's harmful and in fact quite the opposite...

And, just because I don't have a large amount to lose doesn't actually make it any easier, because the temptation's there 24/7 to just say "s#d it, I'm not that bad, this is too hard, pass the food!" - seeing results however keeps me motivated, so anything that helps that is worth the price! :cool:

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