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Seagull help please....


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My dog is 18 months and last year she chased a seagull for about twenty seconds when she was a baby, and the parents flew at her.

Now the same seagulls are targeting her and swoop at her this year, even though she has not done anything to them. they even came at her in our garden today.

Does anyone know what i can do.

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get a big cat lion tiger or the like, they luv birds!

windmills the lil kids type that move about or platic bags on sticks .. anything that moves should scare them off

feed your pets in doors
apparently you need a bird of prey, like a trainer who can use the bird of prey to frighten the seagulls so they dont come back. i hate them!! one swooped down and took a chunk out of my daughters ice cream the other day and i actually wanted to shoot it lol xx


synful soul


synful soul
The last 3 years we have had seagulls nesting in our chimney.What a racket they make at 5am in the morning.And when we sat out they would swoop down.This year we had someone put spikes on the chimney.Peace and quite at last and don't have to worry about them swooping down at us.:)

Before anyone gets upset about the spikes...........seagull spikes are harmless they just prevent the birds from landing....... they are not hurt.



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they are nesting on a house a few doors down, so when we take her out they swoop down. they havent actually pecked her yet. but yesterday one of the babies flew down then couldnt get back and the blooming racket went on for hours. the bird eventually flew back up late evening before a fox got it.
i phoned the council and they said that there was nothing that they can do as they are protected. i told her that if it attacked one of my boys i will take a bat to it protected or not.


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Out of interest as a birder (bird watcher NOT a twitcher;)) are you located near the coast? - and which gulls are these?

Sadly, the majority of "inland" gulls these days are attracted by human waste, and whereas once upon a time gulls mainly ate fish and produce from the sea, they are more prevalent not on landfill sites and basic diet includes Greggs, McDonalds, BK & KFC etc. - a lot of it caused by human waste/mess left behind.

I watch the larger gulls (Herring Gulls, Greater Black backed Gulls etc.) in Whitby fly down and steal fish/chips out of the hand - these are mighty large birds and much bigger than the more common Black headed gulls which tend to move inland.

Of course once they start nexting and have eggs/chicks to defend, then they can and do become quite vicious!

I'm a birder as I stay and to be honest, most gulls (and some crows) leave me cold. Local authorities should be removing their nests before it is too late and we become besieged!


Loves Norman Reedus
hi, Yes i live by the Coast (eastbourne) and they are quite vicious. they seem to be flying low over the back gardens now too.

The council told me to contact environmental health.
love the gun bit.

they also attacked a follically challenge man last night too and they pecked his head.
Not nice I know,, but this made me chuccle:p

You can get like a mini fog horn device thats supposed to scare the birds. If you have a search on google, im sure something will come up
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