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Seans weight loss diary

Hey all,

I'm 19, since finishing school I've put on a couple of stone, currently at 14 looking to be 10 and a half, and would like to share this journey with you, as this forum has been part of my inspiration. I actually knowingly put on weight put on weight, I just wanted to enjoy myself but now I need to get back in shape !

Congrats to all you guys who have completed or are on the way to completing your journeys, there's certainly a lot of will power on these forums.

The plan:

I dont have enough money to buy a car so I spent all the money I have on gym equipment and set it up at home in a spare room, quite handy ! I've got a treadmill, boxing bag, rowing machine and a set of weights.

As for dieting just looking to cut out all the junk, and processed food and limit myself to 1500 calories a day for now

More details to follow. Thanks!:eek:
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Hey Sean

Welcome :)) Im so jealous of your home gym - sounds great.

Keep up with your goal - perhaps do a food diary to ensure the 1500! Its very easy to slip if your not watching, at least until it becomes your new way of eating and or lifestyle..

Lets know how you get on.

Amber :))
I want a home gym! Best of luck Sean :)

welcome along and best of luck with your weight loss. stick witht he workouts they should help
Thanks all, lost 8lb's in the first week ! Cut out any food after dinner, which is around 18:00. 1 weetabix for breakfast, carrots cucumber and chicken for lunch with a piece of fruit, usually a plate of rice for dinner, plus lots of working out in the gym, working a treat so far ! Oh and I only drink water :)

I was surprised how quickly my craving for junk food died out, the first 2 days were tough, but I'm well on the road now.
Sean - Well done - great loss for W1 :)

Keep up the good work

Thanks Amber.

2nd weigh in today, lost another 4 pounds, so 12lbs in 2 weeks, pretty chuffed with that :D
Nicely done sean :) Jealous, took me 4 weeks to do the same hehehe

Keep up good work

Hi Sean,
That's a great loss 12lbs! Good luck for week 3.
Home gym is such a good idea.. if only we had a spare room.. and I had your determination.. :D

Thanks guys :)

I'm really struggling tonight, big time cravings.

Before I started this diet, I was having large stuff crust pizzas from pizza hut at least 3 times a week, many tubs of haagen dazs a week, coke, you name it.....

Now, only water and no chocolate what so ever, and only rice + red meat for dinner.

I was thinking of treating myself at the end of this week, that will be 3 weeks and over a stone lost. Is it worth doing that or will I regret it? Do you guys treat yourselves occasionally?

Hadn't really considered this part of the diet, but I suppose we all need a break.
Hi Sean,
I do treats but in a sensible way. As I'm on low carb high protein meal replacements if it gets hard I'd have an extra snack that day or even two or more. They would still be from my 'diet box', i.e. high protein snacks, but not something i'd have on a day to day basis. Savoury snacks work best for me.
Good luck,
Thanks for the kind words Nikki and Kat, good luck to both of you on your journeys too, both doing a great job so far... and I did treat myself in the end. I ordered a small dominos pizza on wednesday night, but the size of my stomach has changed so rapidly that I could only finish half of it !

Oh and I'm -4 pounds for week 3....woop woop :D
Thanks Nikki !

I did have another great week, and another pizza lol !:p

But I'm up to running 7.5 K in 50 mins on the treadmill now.

-2 lbs this week ! very happy with that.
woahhh almost forgot about this thing.

So since my last entry I have been on holiday for 4 weeks, but amazingly didnt put on any weight, this mornings weigh in says I'm 12 stone 3 1/2 pounds, so back on the diet and exercise now and hoping to push on down to my target :)

I'm so bad, it was all going so well,I got over confident, I became arrogant...and I abandoned this diary.

I have put on a half a stone since my last post. :(:(

I vow to keep this updated weekly, and the scales are only going down from here on in.

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