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Seats on Easy Jet?


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Flying to Malta in a few weeks with easy Jet and just wondered how 'generous' their seats/belts are? I have flown Virgin and BA with no probs but now I'm getting all anxious about needing an extender. i would be mortified!:(

Would be really grateful if someone could come along and tell me what they think!

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I've flown with Easyjet a few times at various weights:rolleyes::eek: Never needed an extension - heaviest was prob high 18's.....:eek:

Hope this helps - you'll be fine....:D Have a good hols:cool:


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Thank you both - I know it's silly to get so worked up about it but I think thats just the mood I'm in. I'm 16.8 at present and only 5ft 1inch tall - a lot of my weight sits on my tummy, hence the worry about the belt. I feel reassured though - I must stop worrying about it!



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Thanks Irene, I am wearing 22/24 clothes at the moment so that sounds ok. it's only a 3 hour flight so I guess I can breathe in all the way! Isn't it awful how much we worry about these things. It can really spoil a holiday before you even get there.
I will try to chill out now though as you have reassured me.



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I was having terrible panic attacks before we boarded. I have never had an extension belt before and worry I wouldn't know how to fit it

I made sure once I got it fastened it stayed fastened until I got there just in case

Irene xx


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i was about a size 26-28when we were oin the flight that my mam was on.. and i managed to fit it.. lol.. and it wasnt that uncomfy.. dont know how the hell i did it like..

x x


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I just about got it done up at size 26. I find the arm rests more uncomfortable though.

scorpio dawny

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i was the same , but i think like you all paniced more, and it was fine, i was a size 22/24. when the plan landed id alway make the belt small so the next person didnt know how big i was. you'l be fine don't worry. x


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I asked for one last year, and snuck it into my handbag so I could use it on the way home (okay i was a stealy thief, but only for a week and I gave it back)

I've had one a couple of times, once a nice stewardess handed me one without saying a word, she just smiled as she handed it me, and actually I was really touched.

Last year, I just quietly asked as I got on the plane, I could have done it up, but it would have been really uncomfy.

don't let it worry you.... cause next time you fly you DEFINITELY won't need one



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Are they easy enough to fix?
They are soooo easy. They are the demo belts they use during the safety demo, so please no-one worry about them being complicated.

I did have tearful conversation with my neighbour who is a stewardess and she said although I feel embarrassed about asking for a belt, they would much rather I was comfy and asked for one that desperately trying to do a belt up, and also it's nothing new for the cabin crew.




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I am so grateful to everyone who has answered this thread. I guess when you're having these negative thoguhts you always feel like you're the only one. Now I don't.

Thank you so much my lovely, lovely, Minimin Friends. I don't know what i'd do without you!



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Its getting the god dam table down that I dont like - it always feels a bit snug, not any more though, this year I wont have to worry bout it (hoping to be an 18 when I go in August, am currently a squeezed 20) xx Have a lovely hol Barb x


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These posts are so reassuring as Im off to Egypt in July, but my problem is my mahoosive bum hips and thighs, and unlike my friend who carries it all on her tummy, she can wear the belt comfy sort of under her tummy where as mine doesn't fit! I was wondering what your hip measurements were when it fitted rather than dress sizes?


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I had similar worries when, at 5'5" and 20 stone +, we flew to Lapland. It was an Xmas treat for the kids, and my excitement beforehand was really marred by worrying whether the "provided" snow suits would be big enough (they were) and whether I too, would fit in the airline seat.

I even had DH Google the planes that the company flew with, and he made a "seat" out of the dimensions he found, which I practised sitting on, to ensure my vast btm would fit. It did, just, but was snug and uncomfortable on the real thing. I managed the seat belt because I tucked it under my belly. (Oh how horrid...)

Since then I have lost about 6 stone, well more but then regained some! We have just booked for Florida for Easter 2009, and this time there WILL be room to spare!!!

So you see, you are not alone in your worries. And with the support of all these fabulous Minis, we wont have to worry again!!


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Just to catch up the seat was fine! Belt was tight on the way out but looser on the way back, which just shows that even within the same airplane/airline their are differences!

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