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I went all out and treated myself with sushi (just the fish bits) and salad a couple of nights ago (PV day). I had this kind of seaweed salad thing which I've never had before (no dressing)... but now I'm wondering if it was allowed because the next morning I had gone up 1.5lbs!

Does anyone know?

Plus, what's the deal with soya sauce, because I had lashings of that...?
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I just typed a thing about soy sauce - it's exceedingsly salty, and often sweetened too (depends on the brand as to how bad it is, but in restaurants it'd be the "worse" - ie the nicest!!). So there's your problem.

Seaweed would be ok, provided not sweetened (which, again, they tend to do.)


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Thanks - I've just read your post about the soy sauce, Maintainer. It looks so innocent but I will avoid!

And Runnerbean, I've been forgetting to drink enough water over the last few days, too, which probably hasn't helped at all.


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1 tea spoon of soy sauce was on Jess's updated list of tolerated items the other day - so lashings sounds like too much!

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