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Second attempt!

Hi everyone

Im thinking of starting lipotrim tomorro for the second time.
I started the deit about 3 weeks ago, and I shamefully admit that I only got to day two!!

Im at university and I find it very hard to stick to the diet, espically with the no drinking thing. My friends and Boyfreinds also doubt me all the time which really deosnt give me confidence in been sucssefull.

I really want to successed at this and give it a proper go this time. Do you have any tips??

Amie :)
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I'm at uni as well. Used to go out drinking at least twice a week. I still do, but drink water. I haven't drank alcohol since january. You've got to be determined. Get a shaker and put your shake in, and carry a bottle of water, and drink it when you want it. Dont pre mix! Make sure you drink plenty of water. I find it easier when I'm at uni as it takes my mind off what I'm doing. I'm on day 9 and other than throwing in fat burners with the diet I've stuck to it 100%.

The losses are worth it for a temporary restriction. You can still go out but only if you have the will power to say no :)
It is tough when all around doubt you, but you see its for you" not them..."
This diet is all or nothing and for you to get to the stage of trying it you obviously want to change, go drinking but don't drink booze, have water, they won't know if you have it in a glass, I went out the other night with hardened drinkers for a real huge bash and i pleaded upset tummy and no-one minded, I had a great time and so did everyone else... lol.. Dont let other change you- you have to change you and if you want to do it you will find a way. x

I'm at university too, though, I moved home for my final year, so, probably slightly further from temptation...

If you want to do this, don't let anyone stop you! I found that I had to be overly positive around people who didn't think much of LT until they realised that it was making me happy & it wasn't doing me any harm & I was going to stick to it. After a few weeks I think this sinks in & ultimately, how important are your eating habits to other people?? That said, my current boyfriend (who was not around first time) is not so fond of the idea & even threatened to break up with me (I highlighted how mental & controlling this was & he took it back...).

You can go out "drinking" & have water. You don't need to drink to have fun! Plus, you'll end up fresh in the morning, remembering everything that happened ;-) & you can just get giddy off other people acting silly!

Good luck!!


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