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Second day, and found this.


Hi everyone that's going to read this.
Yesterday I was back in work after christmas and in the mood to seriously sort out my body out after quite a lot of tipples over chrimbo!
Anyway, I've done Slimming World before so I bought their magazine the other day and I am now following their eating plan for the first week. This is what I've had today
Bf- Shreddies (HxtraB), s.skim milk (HxtraA)
Snack- clementine, boiled egg
L- chicken, a little pasta with salad
snack- boiled egg
D- Gammon with potatoes, swede and carrots
At the moment I feel a bit peckish but I think it's all to do with getting used to the new regime.
I am going to do it slowly but surely this year, and not doing everything together!
I am also cooking for myself, so if anyone has any kind of tips for me I will be very thankfull.
For now..ciao. x:wave_cry:
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Is so very nearly there!
Good Luck hun you can do it?

Can you not make meals that you can freeze?

Eat a yogurt maybe to get thru the night - you are doing EE?

How much you got to lose in total?


Well, the meal plan in the magazine is EE but previously I've done Red and green, and I prefer them. Will do that next week.
I'm going to buy scales tommorrow, so I'll tell you then how much I want to lose, my ideal weight is 10 stone!


Is so very nearly there!
good luck hun... i prefer ee.....lol


Big, busty and Blowsy!
hi siw, i joined sw yesterday because i saw the extra easy bit in the mag. well, there were other reasons too!. but the class consult said to wait 4 weeks b4 doing it! i suppose she knows what she doing, she said it to let you get used to the two other diets first. bah!


Eeew, ok thanks for that, I'll stick to it till next monday, then I'll go green! I'll buy my scales toms, and weigh myself. Haven't done that for a while!


Big, busty and Blowsy!
that's ok! i was amazed at the changes in the diet since i done it 4-5 years ago, have now got to go thro all my recipes to update them if they need it, as i'm sure a lot of the syn values have changed!


Hiya all , Im doing extra easy , ive joined online .

Am i right in thinking I can have proteins and carbs on same plate aslong as I have a 1/3 of plate with super free foods? and if I snack it has to be on super free foods ? heres what ive been doing would someone beable to tell me if its ok?
Breakfast - fruit topped with fat free fruit yog
lunch - salad , potato and tuna (salad cream light (syn 1.5)
dinner - pasta / prawns and veg

supper ( healthy extra B - Shreddies 28g) toppedwith fat free yog??

Am I allowed to have my supper?? if i snack i have fruit or soetimes a yoghurt is this ok?

I find it great online but miss askinga person questions xx