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Second time round for lighterlife

Hi to all the LighterLife people,

I am new to the blogs and am hoping that on my journey on LighterLife I will gain support and help as many others seem to have done. I completed Lighterlife with my husband last winter and between us we lost 13stone!! He lost 8 and I lost 5. He reached his target on Christmas eve, I, however, had a further 2 stone to go.

Instead of sticking at it, i thought I could manage on my own as I had spare packs in the house. However, it wasnt long before I fell into my old habits again and low and behold here I am with 3 stone back on and feeling completely and utterly devastated. Although people still comment on my weight loss and how "well" I look, I am so unhappy within myself to the point where I dont want to look in the mirror anymore because Im so unhappy with what I see.

My size 12-14 clothes no longer fit and I am pushing my way into size 18's again. It is the worst possible feeling in the world. I have enough packs in my home to last me 9 weeks of abstinance and I know with every ounze of strength I have I could be on LL and shedding the pounds so easily. But I have tried 3 times and cant seem to get past day 4.

I often look at photos of myself at my husbands friends wedding back in March past and I love how I look.Healthy, happy and a size 14. Now im depressed fed up and feel like a huge size 18! Is there anyone here who can offer some support and help as I try to tackle LL once again????

My brother gets married next summer and I intend to do bridesmaid for him and his fiance, although I refuse to do it if I am still this size. I know his wedding should be my inspiration but I feel I need to do this for myself and no one else.

Anyone with any advice or help please post me back as I would really appreciate it. Many thanks

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Hi Ellie

I'm not a great one to advise you because I'm a returner too, but I felt I had to reply as your post was so heartfelt.

Don't be mad at yourself for putting weight back on. Please don't hate yourself. You have made a decision to do something about it and I'm sure you've learnt a lot from all that you've been through.

I would encourage you not to go it alone, regardless of how many packs you've got. If you do want to do lighter life again, try talking to your counsellor, to see if would she do a deal with you? You need the support. One of the best things about LL is the support, and when you do lose the weight again, you'll also need to follow the management programme. Perhaps she could charge you for half a weeks packs and let you slowly use up some of your supplies (it may not be possible, and I know they don't have to do anything, but I;m sure many of them would want to help you get back on track)

You have done it before, you can do it again. it's a case of it being the right time for you.

Do use the wedding as inspiration - a goal. don;t lose weight for someone else, but if it will make you feel better to be slim there, then surely that's losing weight for you? I completely understand about the bridesmaid thing though. How would you advise someone else to tackle it? Sometimes I find it helps if you think that someone else has the problem and you're offering them advice - I tend to be kinder to other people than I am on myself!

I'm only on day 1 of a restart so as I say, not a great one for advice but I hope something i've said helps and I really really hope you find what you're looking for.

Good luck!
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Hi Elle,

Welcome to minimins.

I know its really hard to get back on to LL on your own (I tried loads of times as I had spare packs), so I would agree with DIR - see if you can go back to your LLC or even a new one as a fresh start.
Before I joined this website, I thought I was a failure because I had been through abstinence twice and still not managed to keep the weight off. I know now, that it was just part of my journey and I'll get there in the end.

You are still loads lighter than when you started & you've done it before so you know you can do it again & given how fast the weight comes off, you could be where you want to be by Xmas!

Keep using the LL forums as they are a great support - check out the before & after pictures for motivation too.

I'm sure you'll get lots of replies from the lovely ladies (& gents!) on here & hopefully you'll feel ready & able to get to the end of your weight loss journey


S: 258lb C: 228lb G: 168lb BMI: 35.7 Loss: 30lb(11.63%)
Hi - I agree - I really believe you need the support of a group, and LLC, a weekly weigh in, etc., in order to do this. On your own just does not seem to work for anyone.

Have you looked into a restarter group? I really think that is the way to go. :)

Good luck. You know you did it once - draw on that knowledge, and give it your all, just like you did then - but with support.

Good luck to you. We're all behin you!! :)


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