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Second weigh in this afternoon - eek!

I've got my second weigh in after work today, and as I only lost 3lbs in week one, I'm pretty nervous. I've been 100% every day, but if I've only lost another few pounds again (which is what my home scales are telling me) I'm going to be mortified.

I'm drinking around 3 litres of water and mint tea a day, so it's not that. Anyone got any ideas? I've actually dropped a dress size, but the scales just aren't reflecting it??

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Don't panic.... if you are drinking that much water you will be fine :) When you say that you will be mortified if you have only lost a few pounds, how much are you hoping to lose each week?
What I have noticed with me is that if my weight loss isnt very much, I lose the inches... and if the weight loss is better, I don't notice any difference with my clothes. Weird I know lol Whichever way, you win :) Ultimately it's about how good you look and feel within yourself, not how many pounds show on the scales x Please post your weight loss later... you will get loads of support on here :) Good luck!
Well said UK lady. Numbers on a mechanical device don't determine how good you feel about yourself on any given day. It's all about the non-scale victories as Mrs. JK said!

x S
Hey Shivie... I love your 'Day' counter :) Does it automatically update or do you have to change it daily? x
Hey Shivie... I love your 'Day' counter :) Does it automatically update or do you have to change it daily? x
Heya gorgeous! I have to update it daily! It's great actually as I get a little buzz of joy every time I up the number...ohh how great are cheap thrills!! Hope you're doing great today & your daughter Michelle too. Little bit of inter-family competition does no harm!!

xx S
Well thanks for that ladies, I think sometimes things have to just be put into perspective!! Well I managed to lose another 4lbs, so that's the first half stone gone!! Woo hoo! I'm obviously not going to be one of those lucky people that clocks half stone losses in a week, but I'm on target for a stone in a month.

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