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Secret holiday update


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Morning all, just thought i'd update you all .
Last night youngest daughter txt me (she's in tenerife - first holiday abroad). she said that she is going to a water park today and on thursday they are going to loro parque, and she said i was to check it out on You tube .
So I went and had a look - and it's got killer whales doing shows.
Aww lucky moo I thought . shouted hubby in to have a look..
We both watched it ,I said to hubby ..
''Great aint it ,she gets to see real whales ,we get to see 1 whale sitting in a bus shelter licking an ice-cream (me)''

Hubby said '' we'll get to do it one day,''.
So i just said -'' will you stop saying that , you keep saying that ,you know we'll never get to go''.

We have both been too scared to go away on holiday to a far away place - we only really go somewhere that will take us about 2/3 hours to get back.
Incase anything happens to the boys . We have done this for the past 22 years. I know it sounds selfish, but we really shouldn't keep doing this
Obviously I dont want anything to happen but we are just not doing anything incase something does happen, and we have done this for 22 years this is why I have decided to 'take the bull by it's horns' and go to egypt.
Which is hard for me as it is me that doesn't want to go anywhere. So fingers crossed it all works out well

Every morning he says ,not long now !!
On sunday (whilst he was ironing my uniform ) he said to me '' are you looking forward to it ?''
I replied '' the holiday ?- yes - a week with you ?- no!!. I'll will probably kill you LOL''
He said -'' we'll be allright '' aww bless him.I have never known anyone get so excited about going to blackpool for a week, its like he's won the lottery and can go anywhere in the world - he is just so looking forward to it , and excited - I cant understand why LOL.

We are going to be going to theatres and going up the tower and going to see the rock factory and probably go to the zoo :rolleyes:

Ive also told him that I hope he doesnt think we will be eating -greasy fish and chips and slurpping on ice-creams all week !!
Apparently ,he is on holiday and he is gonna eat as much as he likes !!!.... do they do fish and chips in Egypt??
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They do pizza and chips in Egypt! They do loads of fresh meats and rice and all sorts! Caters for everyone. How exciting, it's going to blow his mind when he finds out!
You've taken one heck of a leap of faith hun, you'll enjoy it. And if going abroad is not for you, Blackpool will still be there next year!!

Joking aside, I think what you have done is an amazing thing. You deserve it after all those years. Look forward to it hun. xxx


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Hi alice, i'm so excited for you and can't wait to hear his reaction. When are you going to tell him and how did you get round the whole jag thing x

Mrs V

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Awww, this is so lovely to read!!!!

Your Hubby is going to be amazed when you get on that plane!
Egypt is a fantastic place to go..Ive been twice and love it. Yes, they do have fish and chips, plus a lot of other things!
One thing to pack is Immodium though just in case and Dioralyte (always be prepared!!!). I found that the salad gave me a little bit of a loose tummy (iykwim), but didnt stop me from eating it!
Anything you need to know, just pm me Hun.


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I've taken my kids abroad for years and they are fine. I took a (just) one year old to Turkey and he got on better than me (I had a tummy upset). Because he was so young I packed some jars of baby food, and of course I am careful with the water in other countries.

Brandon fell down some marble steps in Greece (when he was about 4) and needed stitches, head xrays and a night in hospital... But the treatment he got was quicker than a British A&E and pretty good. They never once asked to see forms, or asked about money either, it was all given free.

Fear and danger are ever present, whether you have kids or not. That's life. The boundaries of your country aren't the boundaries of danger either...Most accidents happen in the home anyway, I think.

The World is all there for you to see and life is short. By going to Egypt you'll set an example to your kids, open their horizons, teach them how to negotiate an airport and how to embrace other cultures. And DON'T look for fish and chips (OMG)...Eat what the locals eat!
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And dont eat that salad there as its washed in their water and will *maybe* give you a stomach upset! Only drink bottled water and brush yuo teeth with bottled water too.


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how old are your children
Thanxs for all your replies girls ,
Just need to clarify a few things LOL
My children are not little uns anymore LOL
I have 4
2 of each, my 2 sons are severly disabled
The eldest boy would be 22, (he is not here anymore:cry:)
eldest daughter is 23
son who lives here with us is 18.5
and youngest daughter (who is in tenerife) is 20
So they are all grown up.
My main worry about this 'secret 'holiday is that son my will develop a cold or the dreaded swine flu, because if he does ....well it doesnt bear thinking about
when he gets a cold it can be fatal for him - we nearly lost him to phenemonia a couple of years back- so that is why I'm just hoping it will be all ok !
Eldest daughter is coming with us and youngest is staying home , my son has been booked into a hospice for the week - so I know he will be really looked after ,so no worries on that part ,its just if he gets ill and I need to get home . so fingers crossed.
Hubby gets to find out about the secret holiday on the 29th of august and we fly on the 7 sept, My sister thinks he knows ,but is not letting on - I know my hubby ,he would have said something by now LOL.
I cant believe we only have 3 weeks today -when we will be in Egypt
OMG :eek::eek:
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Them three weeks will come about quick enough! Cant believe we will be going in two weeks! Have you packed mega high factor suncream? It's hot hot hot there at the moment!

Mrs V

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I went through 4 bottles of suncream in 2 weeks when I went recently!! I managed to find a factor 60 Nivea cream which (being a fair red head) and daughter loved as we werent allergic to it either!


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wow i hope you have a great time

and ill bet one you`ve done it you`ll get the travel bug lol


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