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  1. Kron

    Kron Target Member

    I am new to this forum
    I am amazed at all the dedication to exercise to improve health and image - I think you are all fantastic
    But thought I would share how I went from a size 16 to a size 6 with s/w and my body magic kettlebells
    I have low body fat and in the upper part of my healthy weight range, so scales suggest I could lose more, but as I am able to wear size 6 I can maintain which involves some yummy treats once in a while :)
    I believe in them so much will happily provide more info if you want

    My body magic
    3 x per week
    20 mins per session

    Done, dusted and no denying the results :)
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  3. bluenose1

    bluenose1 Member

    Don't have kettle bells in my gym, may have to invest in some.
    What size weights do you use, how many different exercises do you do? Thanks in advance
  4. sweet pink

    sweet pink is losing for shoes

    I'm really interested in hearing more. Are they something that you could do from home or would you need to go to a class??
  5. Kron

    Kron Target Member

    I couldnt find class when I started them last nov but had done a bit of research
    I hate running, jumping etc lol and was doing some DVDs from The Firm a mix of dumbbells and high pace aerobics, I loved the weights but hated the cardio
    I treated myself and ordered a set from - a bit pricey but I can now say well worth the money. I have added a few more DVDs to work out to
    The kettleworx is a 6 week, 3 x a week, 20 min sessions programme

    You work with one bell which puts all the weight on one side of your body which tones your core big time. You proceed doing various exercises
    Swinging between legs up in front to eye level, using a series of both, then each hand
    Squats holding weight
    Waist twists
    Ab work
    Loads of different exercises
    I would recommend you google women's kettlebell workouts and check it out
    Predominately a mans exercise who use huge weights and reps, the way the bell forces your muscles to move is incredible in shaping you up, and it's really quick to do - bonus

    My set came with a 10 LB bell
    I bought a 6kg, and now use an 8kg, although on some exercises I move back to my 6

    Fitness first had a class so I gave it a go - hated it, she made us run, skip, lunge etc around the room for the first half - not my cup of tea

    Recently a chap has started a class, it's hard but oh I feel good at the end of it

    Happy to suggest DVDs etc if you want to try it out
  6. Shazzabir

    Shazzabir Gold Member

    I have a 7.5 kettlebell, but must admit I do lack a bit of imagination when it comes to doing exercises with it. So would be great if you could recommend some dvd's.

    You have done great to get to a size 6, well done :)
  7. sweet pink

    sweet pink is losing for shoes

    I have spent all evening googling & it looks like something I would enjoy in between runs too. Would weight would you recommend starting with?
  8. Kron

    Kron Target Member

    I did see the kettleworx set on eBay for about half the price, might have been a used set
    I recently bought iron core kettle bells DVD vol 1 by Sarah lurie, she is known in the industry, I didnt find it challenging enough, but would be good as a starter. She does a short rep then a minute break etc. Although I didn't feel challenged I could feel it the next day. It's about 45 minutes workout but that's due to all the breaks, you could fast forward or continue the set during the break as your fitness level grows
    I also have the Goddess workout by Andrea Cane very respected. Gives you a choice of short workouts - no music, quite serious but again it works
    I have Pavel -aka god of kettle bells - From Russia with Tough Love, he shows you the best technique and describes each exercise he is awesome. No real workout routine but the explanation and number of exercises he demonstrates will have you fit in no time
    I have a few others that are a little more advanced.
    Just got a new one so will be trying that one out for the first time tomorrow
    I am absolutely amazed at my dress size, I can't believe it.
    I bought a load of new clothes when I hit size 10 all of which are hanging off me -I honestly would not have believed I could get to this size
  9. sweet pink

    sweet pink is losing for shoes

    Thanks Kron. Going for a look on ebay now. was on argos before so maybe not the best place. I would really like something to tone me up so it sounds like kettle bells could be the key :D
  10. Kron

    Kron Target Member

    You go girl
    I promise you won't be disappointed ;)
    Amazon is good
    Let me know what you find, and if you want me to offer advice please ask
    I am so excited :)
  11. Caldil

    Caldil Full Member

    Think I will be going to search amazon as it sounds like a good exercise to do
  12. Kron

    Kron Target Member

    Hi sweet pink
    What exercise level, weight etc are you at the mo
    I suggest you start small, the only thing is you will progress quite quickly and a bit more weight will be very beneficial
    4or5kgs possibly a good start pending on your current fitness level - you say you run
    I personal don't like the plastic York bells - only my opinion
    I have metal bells, these are a lot smaller but I find them easier when passing through the legs etc.
    It will take a couple of goes to get the feel of them
  13. Kron

    Kron Target Member

    Hi Caldil
    I did tons of research when I came across these
    I knew I wanted to exercise but aerobics, swimming - you wouldn't get me in a swim costume in a public place! - just didn't appeal. I knew if exercise was a chore wouldn't do it
    I have to haul myself of the couch some days to do my bells, but knowing it's quick and does the job is soooo helpful and has helped me stick to it, apart from the body transformation :)
  14. Kron

    Kron Target Member

    posted before and now photos

    If interested I have posted photos in the inspirational part
    Trying to get my photo tagged to my profile - but file download failed - not sure why, but will keep trying
  15. trimlee

    trimlee Love God; Love People

    Wow, sounds really effective. Kron, how long did it take you to go from size 16 to 6? I am size 16 right now and just starting out on Slimfast but want to add in doable
    (must be doable!) exercise. Thanks.
  16. Kron

    Kron Target Member

    Hi Trimlee
    It took my just over 6 months to lose 3 1/2 st, I am with slimming world

    I started kettlebells in Nov
    In Jan I bought loads of size 10 clothes in the sales
    Apr - holiday clothes shopping and buying size 6 :)

    Diet is 60-70% of weight loss
    Exercise firms and flattens
    I strongly believe you need to do both to achieve great results
  17. trimlee

    trimlee Love God; Love People

    Thanks Kron, I've just seen your photos -amazing! I half kidded myself that you were not real (as an excuse for why I might not do it, hmmm...). But wow!!
    You're right; both diet & exercise are necessary. I am on week 1 of Slimfast, will decide on what exercise to do and get a plan going.
    Were u really into fitness before you began 6 months ago? How were you able to stick at it for so long?
  18. Kron

    Kron Target Member

    Hi Trimlee
    I had tried doing aerobics etc beginning of 2010 in preparation for our carribean holiday in june/July
    Thought I was eating well, but lost about a stone in 6 months
    My daughter started s/w in march and was losing loads, so I said I would go when I got back from holiday
    Never dieted before, and due to a back injury put on the weight over a few years
    This years holiday I was strutting around all day in my bikini - last year I was covered up in a huge sarong, only taking it off when laying down on the beach lol
  19. Kron

    Kron Target Member

    Just done my new DVD The Art of Strength, Providence
    Sweating and heavy breathing - amazing with no jumping or running about :)
    This workout is a set that lasts 2 mins then a 1 min break, then a 2 min set of a different exercise followed by a 1 min break etc.
    For example
    2 mins of swings which involved
    2handed swing for 30 seconds into right hand swing for 30 seconds, then left hand for 30 then passing from right to left for the last 30 seconds
    A minute break
    Shoulder press up
    Holding bell on right shoulder push arm straight upright, then lower back to shoulder and push it back up
    5 on the right, swap do 5 on the left, swap do 4 on right, 4 on left, 3 right, 3 left, 2 right, 2 left, 1 right, 1left
    Keep body dead straight, don't lean to the side. You are toning arms and shoulders and also slimming your torso as belly muscles are engaged to stop you leaning over :)
    Holding bell in both hands arms straight down curl bell up to chest, straighten arms above head then ease bell down back behind head at elbows, bring back up, lower back to chest, curl down back to start position for 30 seconds, next 30 seconds just omit the curl, so arms straight above the head lowering behind head, back up straight for 30 seconds, behind head etc, then next 30 seconds just do the curl arms straight down curl up to you chest, back down again, the last 30 seconds do the first 30 seconds a go - was tough! Keep ab muscles tight - every time your arms are above your head you engage your core more

    So just a few of the exercises I have done
    Will let you know if I am achy tomorrow
    Will check out how long the workout was and post

    Seeing the results so quickly makes you want to do it again
  20. sweet pink

    sweet pink is losing for shoes

    Hi Kron, Just wanted to let you know that I bought a set of kettle bells on the way home from work today & am looking forward to trying them out. Going to go for a look at some dvds on amazon. I googled some exercises to get me started though. I'm really excited about starting these :)
  21. Kron

    Kron Target Member

    I am so happy, I know you will not regret this

    I am going to write up a few pointers and will post them shortly

    Can we be Bell Buddies ;)

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