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Seeking buddy for new start

Hi there everyone,
This is my very first post. Just taken delivery of my shakes and bars and was all set for a 1st sep start date but I am going to start on Monday. My weight is now at an all time high, to think 3 stone ago I was disgusted with my weight. I realised I had a problem when I failed to loose weight for my daughters graduation and felt so uncomfortable because of the amount of photos being taken.
So I am fully committed to loosing 70 lbs and hope to do this before March 2012. x
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I'm starting tomorrow. My delivery will be here this evening and I'm ready to go. Minimins will definitely be your best source of support. Everyone is really helpful and because we're all going through it at different times there's always someone with good advice.

Good luck! xx
Starting today, Any buddys?

Hello everyone,

I have started today! I am so determined to lose 4 stone by xmas. I have in total about 6 stone to lose.

I have BBM, and facebook page for weightloss also so if anyone needs a newbie buddy then please feel free becos i need all the support i can get.
Hi YM2B,

Ive started today as well. It is going okay so far. Felt a bit sickly late morning and thought it was because I was getting hungry so had a bar and feel a little better now.

How are you finding the packs? Ive had the vanilla (with coffee - tasted like a packet latte type thing) and a chocolate orange bar. Was a little bit weird tasting at first but I think il get used to it!

Good luck. Will keep popping in to see how you are doing.

Daisy x
Hi Daisy,
So far I have had a tomatoe and Basil soup and tbh Its horrible! lol. Might eat all them to get them out the way for next while haha.

I have had plenty of water so think that cld by why im not that hungry so far, night time is my hunger time - so watch this space.

Yeah I think that may be a struggle for me too. I quite often snack in the evenings. I might have to take up knitting or something to keep my hands busy!

Oh no. I was looking forward to the T&B soup! May have to add some chilli powder or something to make it a bit more edible!

Daisy x
Halfway thru i added some pepper which seemed to help. u may like it, my mum took a spoonful and she thought it wasnt bad.

It will be exciting next friday when we r both jumping for joy at our weightloss! I will be thinking that tonight if i am struggling
Starting tues 30th

I've seen that a few of us are starting on Tuesday after the bank hol weekend
I think it would be good to get us all on the same thread considering we will all be at the same stages :) get to know each other :)

My name is Kerry I'm 25 my starting weight was 18 stone 5 after giving birth to my daughter who is now 3 ! This morning I weighed 12 stone 6 :) 4lbs down since mon (just cutting back) ! I've not followed anything since dec and got used to being slimmish ;-) now I want ultimate slim :) new goal of 11 stone would put me size 10-12 !! I know VLCD work and anything else I fear will just mess up my relationship with food again , I'm better off saying no food then restrictions :)

Whose in? Are you doing anything in preparation ?


(25.08.08-18 stone 5) (24.08.11-12 stone 10) 79lbs lost 25lbs to go!!
Hello Kerry im back on exante i gave up this month as i had my UNI graduation and parties to attend with the girls :)

this morning i am 11.11 :( :( i so want to be 10.7 soon so im going to restart next week too maybe monday as im staying at home, I refuse to go out drinking with friends. It's my birthday next month so i need to lose this weight so i can party all night and not feel fat lol.

Ive just counted my supply of exante and have enough to last me for 3.5 weeks......... so i guess it's time to shrink :)

You also do not have much to lose at all i also want to be a size 10
have you recieved your bumper pack yet?

kelly x
Hi all, my name is Mandy, i'm going to be starting on Tues 30th too. I'm already cutting right back at the moment hoping it won't be too much of a shock to the system.
I'm currently 19st 8lbs so have quite a lot to lose. I did Lighter life 3 years ago and lost 8 stone so i know i can do it, it's just keeping it off.
Anyway ladies good luck with your journeys and i'll be with you all too


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