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Seem to have stopped


Skelator Here I come
Hi everyone

Hoping you can help. I only lost 2.5lbs last week and had a sneaky weigh this morning and nothing is gone yet. Starting to feel a bit deflated as I wanted another stone and a half gone over the next 6 weeks.

Has this happened to anyone else?

Ask xxx
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...we're sinking deeper.
DON'T weigh yourself inbetween WI's! It can wreak havoc with the brain! You ARE losing fat, but with warmer weather, stress levels, dehydration/overhydration etc etc you may be retaining water. Plus, we don't lose weight steadily over the course of the week. Our bodies are not machines. :)
Many people report having no loss (and even a GAIN!) for nearly the whole week, then BAM, 2lbs drop off in a day or two before WI. It's just water moving around, your body adjusting to the changes. I mean think about it, LL is quite a drastic thing to do - what is your poor body to think about having food and then all of a sudden 4 powder liquid ...things! :eek:

Be patient. :) This plan works. It may not seem like it sometimes, but it does. Have faith and stick it out.

Have a lovely Sunday. x

Edit: Plus, are you in the 3rd week? I found losses were a little slow for it... But as you can see, it catches up in week 4. ;)
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Tough But Sexy X
Hi, step away from the scales!!!! It really isn't worth it like Min says for exactly the reasons outlined. If you are 100% then you have to lose weight, I think you will hit your mini target for the holiday if you stay focused hun xx

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Skelator Here I come
Thanks darlings!! ive been craving all sorts of food the last few days, but just bought 2 bikinis on ebay to keep me going!!! Also have a pair of jeans on that I couldnt get into and now the only thing thats keeping them up are my hips! What a great feeling, also helps that hubie is being supportive and not letting me slip lol
Felt really ill last night, it just came over me all of a sudden. Could be the stop smoking tablets im taking, have only had 2 little puffs all day. Cant wait to tell people, sorry I dont smoke!! lol

have a lovely sunday everyone

ask xxxx

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