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Self control


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Hi guys

I wonder if any of you could give me some words of encouragement or ideas. I've been following SW EE plan since mid Jan and up until now it's been going great. I've found though, in the past week my motivation/self control has been dipping and it's been a lot harder to stay focused.

I suppose it's only natural that this happens at some point but I want to get that "excitement" back of the early days. I found initially it was really easy to stick to my ten syns (mostly used for sweets as I have a sweet tooth). But now I'm finding my self control's going out the window and eating way over my syns in sweets.

Should I just not buy them for a while or hide them?

Maybe I should set myself small goals to keep me on track? I've lost 2stone 2.5 and have another 2 stone to go so kind of at that half way point. In the past it's been the point I might abandon a diet and I don't want to do that as I love SW.

How do you guys keep yourself motivated?

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Hi Angel, I also have a sweet tooth and I tend toget that "one you pop you just can't stop" feeling when I used my syns for chocolate. I tend to adapt my syns to how I want to use them week by week. Not all C'a and members do this, but I will use up to 40 syns in one day if I'm having a particularly bad week but ALWAYS stay with in my quota for the week. My C says this is fine, it's what she done and she lost 4 stone. * weeks are particularly bad for me but like I said, if I need it, I'll have it. Some people say this could cause "binge" behaviour but I actually like the red tape syns give me, this means I can be flexible without ruining my weight loss, I suppose it's what works for you personally. With regards to motivation, why don't you get out a pair of trosers, dress, skirt etc that you can't get into but would really love to, try it on after each weigh in and feel it becoming looser and looser, that would be motivation enough for me!


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For me, and this doesn't work for everyone, I totally gave up the food that I knew I found difficult to resist, or stop at just one.
When I started SW I totally gave up all bread, chocolates and crisps. After a few days I didn't miss any of them.
Now I have the odd chocolate, crisps and bread. I do enjoy the choc but not to the extent I did. I really don't like bread any more so have had hardly any of that and crisps I can take them or leave them.
My motivation was getting into clothes I wanted and had a lovely dress that I got into last time I lost weight. I kept on trying that all the time and it was really exciting when it started fitting better. Now it's too big... but I don't mind! I absolutely love knowing I can fit into any size 10 now. Can't remember when I last did that. I even have tried some size 8's and some fit. That alone keeps me on the straight and narrow.
Just keep motivated by thinking about your goal and that you can get there and how great you will feel.


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i think the best thing is to take it back to basics, start writing everything down and take it day by day. read your pack again and get in that beginning frame of mind your doing really really great.

i tend to set time goals when im struggling. say i have my breakfast i will say ok now i wont eat until lunch time then if im feeling picky i will resist til lunchtime, or if ive had my lunch at 12 i will say i wont have a snack til 3 and just taking it hour by hour and goal by goal will hopefully get you through. i always have my syns on an evening so i know when i get in from work i have that to look forward to and dont feel like im missing out when im slobbed out in front of the tv

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