Self Destruct


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I've been in Self Destruct mode for a few weeks now. My motivation just packed it's bags and left.
I woke up one day feeling fed up, had a comfort eating orgy and I've been doing it since, I'm gonna turn into a pie I've ate that many.
I daredn't get weighed but I'm pretty sure I've undone my previous good work.

Can somebody please give me a good whacking with the "get off your fat a***e and do something about it" stick
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Hey there. I am not going to tell you what you want as per your previous post but know that we all have blips and yes sometimes they are hard to snap out. In such situations maybe its time to look at why you want to lose weight in the first place. Where did that original motivation and hard work come from? Maybe write things down and start a food/exercise diary perhaps. Only you can find the will from within to get back on track. What diet are you following? You say healthy eating - perhaps you have cut out too much? Remember sometimes we have to make small changes to achieve the bigger results. Hope you find that motivation again. xoxo


I want to hug you right now.

I have been going through the exact same thing. I've got stuck in exactly the same old eating habits and I just can't get back into the right frame of mind.

But I did brave it back to weigh in tonight after two weeks off of eating absolute s**t (and a gain when I did go before) and I had only put on 1/2 a pound. I'm not proud of it but I do think I've been really lucky as I honestly thought it was going to be 5 or 6lbs on. It's given me the kick up the backside to get back on plan.

My suggestion would be to get weighed otherwise it will just get harder and harder to do it and you're more likely to continue down the self destruct road. Don't beat yourself up because I bet that food was bloomin' delicious, it's just time to say goodbye to it again.

Good luck!


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I'm in a similar position at the moment and have gained 1.5lbs thus far :eek: I don't know why we do it to ourselves either, but it is something we do to ourselves. The longer you go off-plan that worse it's going to be when you do get back on track though that's for sure. Maybe you could just consign the last few weeks to the sin bin and start afresh today/tomorrow? It's tempting to continue the spiral once it's started and think 'what's the point' but every day off-plan is another day of hard work you're adding to your load that doesn't need to be there.