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Self sabotage

Hi I'm on LighterLife and completely stuck. I have lost 5 stones and seem determined to stay where I am. Seem to be fearful of what life will be like if I get properly slim. 2st 7 lbs to go. There would be no excuses then! Any suggestions welcome. I have wasted months . My LLC has been so helpful yet I have months worth of unused packs in the cupboard and lapse enough every week to ensure the scales stay the same!!!!!:rolleyes:
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mmm tough one, for a while i have felt like i have defined myhself by my weight problem and have come to the conclusion that it makes me somehow scared to get to target cos then who will i be ? But now i have realsied that once i get to target ( and i will eventually) i am then going to have to work bloomin hard to stay there!! Plus i am trying to convince myself thats there's much more to me than a few surplus stones!!


...we're sinking deeper.
I think this is a point in your LL journey where you have to try to do it on your own for a while. Go and do RTM properly, and give it a go. If you are in a state of turbulence then that may be the only way forward. You can always come back to Lighter Life - or even LL Lite at a later stage (like I did) when you are ready mentally to continue your journey.

After all - who said you need to do this all in one go? Have a go at the hard bit - maintaining! After all, you will need practice... And Lighter Life will always be there just in case!

Thank you so much for your help. I have had a difficult week psychologically :sigh: and have made a decision!!!
I looked at the situation VERY carefully and felt that I could easily be in the same place this time next year. :cry:It was doing my head in completely. Sooooo I have bitten the bullet and gone completely, perfectly (?) sole source. No bars, no water flavourings, just packs and water. I'm on day 5 now and it has been pretty awful getting here. Nausea, tiredness, irritability etc
I am on my way. I want to get properly down and it shouldn't take long. I am pinning a paper star on my office wall for every day successfully completed. To be honest this is easier to cope with than the way I was carrying on. I feel a lot more confident now about coping with my weight once I get to goal.
I am using a tip I read on this site which involves splitting packs in half and taking them with a full shaker of water. I'm taking them every couple of hours or so ie having my full 4 packs. It really did help get me back on track....keeping hunger at bay by filling my tummy.
There should be a nice weight loss at my next weigh in!
Sometimes there is no option but to bite the bullet and get on with it. So thats what I'm doing......... :D
Great ! i hope you manage to lose the rest of your weight bye for now Mia

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