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Self sabotage..

I posted this in my blog just now-don't know what I was thinking of honestly! It threw me for a bit (not for long mind) and it certainly hasn't got me off track. Just thought it might help anyone else who might be thinking the same way....

I honestly don't know what I'm trying to do to myself. This morning, despite knowing I hadn't a hope of fitting into them, I tried on 2 pairs of size 14 trousers. Why? I wanted to see how near I was to fitting into them. Well, nowhere near is the answer, which I knew it would be. I don't know what my size was originally. I wouldn't buy anything larger than the size 18 elasticated waist trousers, apart from my salopettes which were a tight size 20. I am now fitting into size 16 trousers mostly, apart from jeans, but then I never could wear them in the size I was. I do fit into one pair of size 16 stretchy jeans though. Of course that got me thinking of all the weight I still have to lose. 19lbs before I'm even classed as 'overweight' and 4st 5lbs until I reach my target weight. It all seems such a long way to go.

I need to re-focus. Concentrate on how well I've done-not how far I still have to go. Look at the fact I have lost just under 37lbs in 2 1/2 months and the fact that in a few short weeks I will no longer be 'obese'. Also that I am in size 16 trousers, that a few short months ago I couldn't have got past my knees. Perhaps I should make another date in a few weeks time to see how near I am to fitting into those trousers, just not yet. I'm trying to run when I'm still learning how to walk. I'm still in the fast lane, but there's still a minimum amount of time I need for the journey.
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You sound like you've talked your way back to where you should be.
My CDC has several items of clothing (each peice from a different client) and that is the goal they are working to fitting into. I'm going to take in a dress that i wore last year and havent a hope of fastening at the moment.
I think it is both positive and deflating to try clothes on as you feel so far from goal but you know that you are so much closer than you were a month ago.
Keep up the good work.
ive done that before! makes you feel rubbish doesnt it even thought you never thought you could really get into them, why do we do it!! just imagine when you try them on again and.....THEY FIT!!! :eek: you have done soooo well in such a short time you will be i those jeans in no time hun, i have 6/7 stone to loose i used to be a size 12/14 and now a 18/20 i am not going near my old clothes untill the current ones are litterally falling off me lol! well done on your losses and keep possitive xxx
I know exactly how you feel.
My dress sizes are coming down quickly but sometimes I can't seem to focus un what I have done and the future just keeps popping up to say "Hehe look how far you still have to go"
For me I looked at an event after summer.. by which time I should have been at goal for a while.... in my case it was christmas... (sorry but I love Christmas) I have already start making some plans... (I have to anyway as we have to organise family get togethers etc.. and its a mammoth operation) I did this so that althout it seems quite far away, I know its a lot further than the end of my weightloss journey, so it pushes it all back into persepctive for me...

You have done amazingly well sparkles and if you are in size 16's now size 14 is not an age away!!!
Curly sent me some size 16 trousers recently and they we snug on my tummy but comfortable to wear. This morning I can easily pull them away from my tummy and within a week i will be able to slip them down without undoing them.. so you really are close...
Remember some clothes are tighter fitting, or 'mean' sizes.
Don't let it get you down...
You are one of those who inspire me each day :)

I did the same thing the other day, tried in some jeans in the size down because my others were falling off me and they didnt fit. I was not in a good mood that day! :)

Just try to focus on the next 37lbs you can lose in the next 2 1/2 months and were you will be then! You've done so well!!! :D:D:D
Thanks-and thank you Tilly.:) I must admit I don't feel like that often, but I wouldn't be human if I didn't every now and again! After all, if I didn't I wouldn't be a serial failed-dieter would I?:D Difference is that this time I picked myself straight back up again and didn't let it get me down for more than a few self-indulgent minutes!

I'm working towards being at my goal before Christmas (October hopefully) and maintaining by then. We always go on holiday to Lapland just after Christmas and it certainly wouldn't be easy to be on the diet then. However, whatever diet I've been doing, I have never put on over Christmas, or my holiday, as we walk a lot in the snow. It's the thought of not looking like the Michelin Man in my salopettes and ski jacket, being able to fit in a sledge, and not being covered in bruises trying to get in and out of the reindeer sleigh that's keeping me going. That, and the dream of going back to Oz one day soon and surprising the relatives with how slim I am! The last time they saw me I weighed almost 17 stone!:eek:
Always been my ambition to take the children to Lapland but for 4 of them it is sooo expensive...
Def on my to do list though!
Always been my ambition to take the children to Lapland but for 4 of them it is sooo expensive...
Def on my to do list though!
It's a magical place for a holiday. We first went in 2004 for our 'once in a lifetime holiday' and we've been back every year since! It's so popular now, we'll be booking our 2010 holiday before we've had our 2009 one!:D

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