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semi skimmed milk on SS, can I have a dash??

Hi folks,

since being on ss (7 weeks) I have gone without my lovely creamy and sweet coffees. I have just made one for a guy who came out to fix our gutters, and I'd love to have one (a coffee that is). I hate BLACK coffee and never drink tea at all. I know we can have coffee and sweetners (tablet form) but was wondering what damage I could cause with a couple of dashes of semi sk. milk??

Is this enough to take me out of ketosis?? I know the cal. count would be very low indeed, but I'm worried about KETOSIS!! I'm well in ketosis and don't want to jepardise this.


thanks for your time as always,
xx sj xx :character00238:
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Hi sj, i know you are not meant to have any milk but i also know a few people who do have the odd cup here and there and it doesn't affect them at all. Officially it would be a no :( but it depends if you want to risk it? I'm probably not the best person to ask as i ate last night :( a bowl of cereal :( so plenty of milk there :( x
Hiya Sophia

Sorry but the official answer on this is no, if you want milk then look at the 790 programme which introduces a small protein based meal and some milk.

I have read a few posts about people adding coffee to their vanilla shakes, sort of cappucino type.
Would that be an option.
Absolutely, I know a load of people who use the vanilla powder as a coffee whitener and then use the remaining powder as one of their shakes at the end of the day.



Cambridge Diet Counsellor
Although the official answer is no, I have many clients who have skimmed milk in their tea/coffee and it makes no difference at all to their weight losses. At the end of the day, if having a dash of milk in your tea keeps you happy and sticking to the diet, I'd be inclined to go for it!

Also, 1/2 pint of skimmed milk is allowed on the 790 plan and you still remain in ketosis.

Jem x
As the others have said SJ, the official answer is no, but I dont think it would take you out of ketosis as you are allowed milk on the 790 plan which is meant to keep you in ketosis.

I think the main worry is that if you start bending the rules then you will be tempted to add other things as you are "getting away with" adding the milk. But personally, if it was going to help me to feel full and hopefully prevent cravings and eating then I would have it.

Do what you think is best hun. This is your weight loss journey and you have to do it in the way that best suits you.
hi sj i have always had milk in my tea and coffee and have from the start at times it has kept me on the straight and narrow if it stops you from having anything else i would say go for it
I do know some people who can get away with having one or two cups of tea or coffee with a splash of SKIMMED milk. Semi skimmed has far more fat and cals so if you are going to risk it used Skimmed then test for ketosis a little while later. If it makes you hungry then stop. Also 1 cup could lead to 2 or 3 then all cups so be careful.

There is 9.4 grams of fat more in 1 pint of semi-skimmed compared to 1 pint of skimmed.

Milk breakdown

One pint of whole milk has 370 calories and fat per pint 22 grams.

One pint of semi-skimmed milk has 255 calories and fat per pint 9.9 grams.

One pint of skimmed milk has 195 calories and fat per pint 0.5 grams

Adding in the Carbs:

This is per cup which is just under half pint 10 fluid ounces:
Here are the carb counts of a cup (8 fluid ounces) of the following, according to the USDA database. Note: some milks are "protein-fortified", and sometimes powdered milk is added for more "body" - this will alter the carb counts, so be sure to check the label. Also, "cream" varies depending upon the amount of butterfat and lactose.

Whole milk - 11.4 grams of carbohydrate
2 % milk - 11.7
1 % milk - 11.6
Fat-free (skim) milk - 11.9
Buttermilk - 11.7
Goat's milk - 10.9
Half and Half - 10.4
Light Cream - 7.1
Heavy Cream - 6.6

So for carb sensitive people it really could make a difference.

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Just a tip, if you buy the new "One" milk, then its the same fat content as skimmed but tastes like semi skimmed. I use it all the time now. Or, if you buy the long life skimmed milk, that is a lot creamier than skimmed. Hope this helps xxx

(I always used to have milk in my coffee whilst SSing by the way)


Cambridge Counsellor
I know someone who got very hungry when he had skimmed milk on SS. It's amazing that something so small can do that. But it can.
A teaspoon or two from a vanilla pack makes a lovely creamy coffee!
or a cappucino pack hits the spot for me :)
aaaaaarrrggghhhh I'm so tired as I write this...2.01am.

I'm off to bed now but just thought I'd post first....

I did try a tiny tiny bit of milk in a very small coffee with sweetner....I took a sip and omg is was disgusting :eek: Not gonna want to try it again now lol

I'm used to having coffee with coffee mate which is a big no no obviously, so the milk just didnt cut it for me.


night night sweets..zzzZZZZ

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