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senokot duel relief

was feeling quite bloated and a little blocked up so took 2 senokot duel relief tablets last night as instructed by the packet and got up this morning and nothing am i immune or do they not work or are they gonna work when i go out this morning !!!
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Generally they say it's 8-12 hours before they take affect. So it depends what time you took them last night. Personally I've found they take around 24 hours to work for me - that's if they work at all which they often don't!
thanks for that i took them at 10 last night looks like they may start working when im at work then lmao !!!
Hi natasha1974, I did exactly the same last night! Was feeling the same as you so thought I'd take something to get things moving - took a senekot max strength last night around 9pm and still nothing today! :-( I'm not convinced they work as I've taken them before and not really noticed them working.
ive tried senokot before, and i dont think they actually work.
sorry you're feeling bloated. maybge try drinking some water or try something like prunes, fruit etc.
I've had ten - yes ten! - scanbran this morning (my 2 HEBs as I'm on green). I expect my world to move tomorrow lol...
lmao ive got a pack of scanbran gonna try that with marmite and washed down with lots of water
I'm drinking tons of water, so I hope they'll do the trick. Get them down you Natasha - your bowels will thankyou lmao!


Just doing it this time
short of a bomb for me ! even though I do red tohelp by having an extra b ! - senakot and fibre-gel sachets and lactulose - STILL nothing - but windy pops - !!!!!!!!!
BRILLIANT. So I am not theonly one who finds themselves getting oober bloated on this eating plan.

I had two nights last week where I thought I was gonna pop. Needed to let off so much but can't bring myself to do a minute long parp infront of my fella! I didn't really find anything to help, think I might have just let off in my sleep and woke up wind free!
for the first few weeks i think everyone gets bloating due to the body getting used to a new diet it does wear off but i get the odd few days every now and again dont think i drink enough water. Anyways i had jacket spud and beans for lunch and then a brisk walk home from work an hour ago am feeling lots better now ;)
I was getting concerned about my lack if movement I was considering going to my GP so it's not just me then! Is it due to the limited amount of fibre (or am I getting it wrong and fibre bungs you up) in the diet plan that causes this? I had a SW curry and it took 4 days for anything to happen which made me feel sluggish and bloated
Try green tea - some of the girls who I work with who are on SW swear by it x
Well it's the day after my ten scanbran and my lord they've done the trick. What a result lol!

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