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Sent home from work..

oohh It is so snowy here, I've been sent home.

I don't know whether it's a good or a bad thing though.. as there are more treats at home than at work, and our heating doesn't work :s but at least I'll not be sat at my desk staring at a screen..
Oh wait, what am I doing now?!


What shall I do today, can't even go anywhere because everywhere is covered and the traffic is SHOCKING!

I don't know why the country comes to a stand still with snow.. I wonder how people in Alaska and Russia get on??

I can't tell whether this has put me in a bad mood or a good mood.. :confused:

Maybe I should go sledging?.. Or make snow angels?

Hows everyone else surviving today?
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Well I am in London, and I got a txt this morning saying school is closed because of the snow (I'm a teacher)

So I must say I was very excited, its also my first real experience with snow as well. I've been out exploring and got lots of photos.

However, it is my first day of CD and I am actually glad as I will be able to get used to drinking all of this water, without worrying how many times I need to go to the toilet.

Stay strong, bung on a DVD or something to occupy yourself, make yourself a nice cuppa tea or coffee and you'll be right!

Just noticed your weight and height etc is very similar to me! Be good to keep in touch during our CD time
Hey hun, I'm off work today 'cos I'm ill so I'm just staying wrapped up on my sofa under a blanket, drinking loads of water and having hot packs during the day. Watching telly (this morning) which is hilarious as half the crew haven't been able to make it in - Phillip Schofield included!!

The News is on at the moment and airports are closing and everything! It's crazy!

Ohh well I actually have been keeping myself occupied today, cleaned the house abit, did abit of work, had some nice warm porridge and doing well with the hot cups of tea too!

It's not all bad I guess.. :D I'm in a better mood now I think.. I'm not getting any hunger pangs either.. which is great!!! It is still snowing here though, and set to do so on and off until tomorrow..

Could that be another day off?! oohh I could be so lucky!

Ohh aussieraquel, that would be great! My weigh day is Thursday, but will be on a Sat from next week.. So i'll let you know how I'm doing! What day is yours on?

Thanks for everyones support though, sorry for everyone who had to go to work though.. :(

now.. off to get the duvet, for more hilarious day time TV watching!!! I forgot how good bargain hunt, doctors and diagnosis murder actually was.. :D:D:D:D:D
Hey Nell132. Glad to read you were able to find some things to do and feel better.

I am seriously hoping, as bad as this sounds, that due to the snow another day off may be able to be wangled, but we'll soon see!

Feeling a bit funny atm, its my first day, I've had a shake, bit over 1.5 litres of water and on my second coffee. Not sure if my body is just getting used to this, but feel a bit light headed, hoping it will pass.

My first weigh day is Saturday, and will be from now on. So I will be getting weighed after only 5 full days on the diet but oh well! we will have to make sure we keep in touch with how we're going.
Yeah we will!

I felt like that in my second or third day.. really light headed and a little wobbly, but thats probably due to my not have a pre CD week, I just decided to go straight in to it..
Good to see your coping well with the water though, that was the really hard thing for me - especially at this time of year, cold water didn't seem to appealing.
I am now on my week 3, Day 18 100% but I have got so used to drinking the water now that it just part of my everyday routine!

Fingers crossed to anther day off tomorrow ;)


Taking one day at a time.
Gotta love the snow!! Burned loads of calories in it today, leaping around with a giggling toddler. Have a nice day tomorrow!

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