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Sept. 19th is Talk like a pirate day! Arrrrghhhh!


Mostly Harmless
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Aye Jim lad!
pices of eight, pieces of eight...........oh I think that is the parrot lol.



Mostly Harmless
Avast ye landlubbers, methinks a portrait of ye scurvy dog master Depp tis what ye heart desires ;)


Happy pirates day to ye all.


Likes to eat.........alot
:8855: this is so funny! lol

Avast mi hearties! Get yer behinds on deck! There be weight t' lose here. Get a-scrubbin', tis body magic mi lubberlies, by golly t'is.

No restin' fer yer scurvy lot till me jolly roger is a-gleamin'




Big, busty and Blowsy!
Oh arrrrrr! there be a mutiny on that there minimins!!
Make em all walk 't plank, arrrrrrr!

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