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Discover Serious wake up call!!! X

Hey everyone! Been to the doctors today and have had a serious wake up call!

I'm 25 & weigh 18st 11lb! It's the heaviest iv ever been! :( I'm getting married in sept :) and really want to lose some weight for the big day! But that's not all! Me & the OH want to try for another baby after the wedding! Iv been to the doctors today to get my implant taken out of my arm as it was due to come out. However, when discussing the plans with the doctor, they said that I will struggle to concieve, & if I do get pregnant then it would put the baby under a lot of pressure, & me! :( this has seriously made me think!!!! A woman's body is designed to do this!!! What have I done to mine!! & all because of my love of food, (& alcohol)! So something has to b done!! My aim isnt the wedding dress of my dreams as much any more, more like being fit & healthy, able to add to our family :)

Right so this is the plan!! I did ww discover plan 4 years ago & it really did work! I was just stupid & selfish enough to let it all go back on!! So iv dug out all of my old books, cookbooks, calculator & pedometer! Tomorrows meals are all planned! & whilst our gorgeous girl is at nursery tomorrow afternoon I'm going to plan a weeks worth! That way I have no excuse!!! Iv got davinas work out DVD but I'm just gonna tackle the diet 1st & as I settle into that, slowly increase the exercise!

So you've heard enough about me know! Any advice/ support would be greatly received! :D

Nicola :) xx
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Great result! I'm sure with such great motivation to keep you focused you're gonna storm down the scales in no time! Good luck & keep up the good work. :)
Hi Nicola, Great that you have decided to get things back on track and get that weight shifted! It always surprises me how much better we feel just eating good nutrional food instead of a lot of junk.

Looking forward to seeing a pic of you in your superduper wedding dress and plenty of time to get to your goal too.

All the best to you!.....:)
Thought I'd upload some (fat) pics to keep me motivated!!

Feeling good this week, really looking forward to wi on mon. Eaten really well & have been on a 7 1/2 mile walk!! I did go out last night but only had 1 large glass of wine, then diet coke, so I think I'll do ok!! I'm going to crank up the wii & play a bit of tennis before casualty :)

Hope you guys r doing ok xxx


Ooh you are so brave putting your pics on but at least we will be able to see the great results as you go along your journey to being a slim you!...:)
And 7and 1/2 miles walk, that's a great acheivement.

Hope you have a really good WI on Monday.
wow well done you are doing really well
Well it's 199 days until I get married :D

So being working it out today, to get to my ultimate goal (13 st) I need to lose 2 1/2 lb a week !! I might get to a lower goal after but I'd b happy with 13 st for the wedding :) to b honest I'd b happy with 14 so that would mean I need to lose 2 lbs a week :)

Do u think it's possible to get to 13 st by 17th sept? Xxx


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Well done your doing really well:)


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just to say well done on your brill loss, sounds like you are very motivated and doing well.. good luck with everything xx
Just wanted to add to the other comments and say welldone for getting on your healthy eating plan. You seemed really determind and planning your food is so much more sensible as well. How are you getting on? Hows the wedding plans going? If you feel tempted to have a few extras points then come on here, I find it works wonders for me - good luck and keep in touch.
It's coming off really slowly-a lb a week.But i'm ok with that as i'm still able to go out for lunch etc and still lose.Eventually a lb a week adds up to a significant loss!
Good way of putting it, if we had of lost 1lb a week for all of last year we would be just shy of 4 stone lighter - what a great thought.

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