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Seriously fed up


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Like the title say's really.

I'm totally fed up now, I've had enough of the way I'm feeling. My left hip feels like it's coming out/falling off! I can hardly walk on it and certainly can't lie on it, so am sleeping on my right side all night. Because of my hip I can't do much with my little girl, who must be sick to death of playing in the house and garden by now. It's really making feel like a crappy mother.

I know I'm only 35 weeks 2days but god I wish this baby would come out! My body is falling apart this time around. I feel awful for wanting my baby out. I keep telling myself if she came now that she would be fine.....how awful and selfish am I? Not that i'm doing anything to induce labor! Just hoping she will come out in the next three weeks of so. I don't want a prem baby who needs help, but I just can't help feeling this way.
I feel on the verge of tears most of the time now.

Sorry for a rant, but I need to get this off my chest for a bit. xxx
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Rant away ;) Its what we are here for. I can completely empathise with you, SPD is a right pain in the a*** isn't it, totally underestimated as to how much it affects you and little or no support :mad:
It is totally normal to feel fed up in the last few weeks but with the added pain and discomfort and sheer frustration of SPD you are perfectly entiltled to feel the way you do. As for being a crappy Mum , forget it, its so much harder the second time around as you already have a little one putting demands on your time as well as trying to get some rest etc, your little girl just loves spending time with you, if you are feeling guilty do some puzzles or reading with her as these things don't involve any physical activity. I am the same with my children at the moment as I feel like I am letting them down as we havent been far at all due to my immobility but they love it when we cuddle up with a favourite book or just to watch a favourite film together.
So don't be so hard on yourself, little one will turn up soon.


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Thanks Jo,

I know your right, I just need telling sometimes!

We do a lot of baking together, and she watches films, and I put all her paints and sticking stuff out for her some days. Now her cast is off she can go back on her toys out the garden. It's just that I don't take her anywhere, and that's not going to get better as driving is becoming more and more difficult.

But on an up note my lovely husband is off as of Saturday for two whole lovely weeks, and I have ordered some cinema tickets and a day out tickets for us all (if I can walk that is!!!) with my tesco clubcard vouchers, basically free days out! Even better!

I would just really appreciate it if my little girlie would come maybe 7-10days early! Maybe if I say it aloud it will come true? lol Aww wishful thinking!


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That will be a great help having your OH around for 2 weeks, mine has just gone back to work after 2 weeks off and the kids are wearing me out today :rolleyes:
Your days out and the cinema will be something to look forward to and will make the time pass quicker and you never know she might put in an early appearance for you ;)

sukie sue

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oh bless you mummytummy,
it must be awefull for you feeling so imobile ,i can sympathise to a certain extent as im getting so blooming slow and cumbersome:eek: but i dont have youre awefull spd to deal with , so have no real idea what you are dealing with .
i certainly dont think youre a bad mum for wanting her royal nibness to come a bit early , i think we all feel that way at times.... me 90% of the time in fact :eek:.
but i know it must be hard not being able to get around as much with youre daughter , i feel guilty as hell having little or no energy to take her out and about , but at least im letting her partake in her favourite pastime of movie watching cuddled up to mummy :0) so never underestimate how much they love just being with you , sometimes i think its just us who feels they need to be doing all the time.
anyway i hope youre feeling a bit better , enjoy oh being home and helping out (hopefully )when the time comes , im counting the days for hubby to come back from sea on the 4th !!!
take care hunni and rant away .... certainly makes me feel less alone :eek::eek:


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Thank you for the support ladies, makes me feel better knowing that you feel the same some days.

As off yesterday afternoon I started getting some good BH's, haven't felt any for a few weeks but these were more 'pianful' but not if you compare to a contraction iykwim? It started around my sides moved o the top of my bump whilst having a very heavy cramping pain under my bump. I have had a good few of these yesterday and they have continued this morning. I see this as a good sign that my bady is hopefully starting to prepare it's self for the big day.....whenever that shall be. Ohh plus I sneezed earlier and I thought my insides were going to fall on the floor!

Possible TMI!!!! but has anyone else noticed their discharge has changed? Mine has become more watery and milky looking with bigger ''bits'' in it? Changed in that last 3 days or so.

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Sorry to hear you're in so much discomfort. I'm sure your daughter is still happy that you're simply there, even if you can't play with her. It's cold and grey though now so a good snuggle and movie or cooking is always welcome, especially if the cooking involves cakes and biscuits! :)


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Definately sounds like your body is gearing up for the big day;)

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