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Seriously ill 3 am this morning !!!!!!

MORNING EVERYONE! :cry:ive taken dulcolax twice the first time i had two and suffered real bad belly ache so yesterday i only took one about 5.30 pm this morning at about 3 am ish i was so ill i had stomach cramps which reduced me to tears the pain was that bad i actually threw up at one point i had a sweat going on and could not stop shaking, i can remember climbing into my bath so i could lie down and hoping the coldness of the bath would cool me down i must have been in that bathroom for about 1 hour and half the pain must have subsided cause whilst lying in the bath i drifted off waking at 5.10am completely naked and stone cold yet i dont remember taking me p'js off i climbed back into bed feeling quite sore in all areas and then woke up when the alarm went off at 7 am i feel perfectly fine now like as if that didnt happen at all but i can honestly say i will never be having dulcolax ever again its scared the hell out of me the fluids i must have lost does not bear thinking about just thought i would let ppl know:(
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My god poor you, its horrible to feel like that at the best of times, i hope you feel better now, try to drink plenty to replace any lost fluids and make sure everyone gives you lots of TLC. I havn't needed to try anything yet, so thanks for the advice:hug99:
gosh that sounds terrible... i have never had ducolax and dont intend to now either!
Drink a small lake today and take it easy xxx
Oh Monique, hope you are feeling better
i suffered last night so can relate.......i hope it doesnt affect your day
take it easy :)


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They don't work on me at all! I tried them after senokot proved useless, and took two the first time- but NOTHING. So I took two more a few days later and while I 'went' the next evening, it was 'normal', not a lot, or diarrhoea? (sorry if tmi!)
thanks everyone i think ill just stay away from dulcolax lol i was not myself taking laxitives should not make you vomit with pain dizzy give you the shakes and cold sweat so these ones are not for me lmao but i will try another one if any of you know a good one apart from these i would really be grateful xxx
Maybe you were unlucky enough to catch a bug thats going around the same time as using the dulcolax......??? I bought some but have been lucky enough not to need them, so far. Hope you feel back to normal very soon.
Sorry to hear you were unwell. I had exactly the same reaction to Dulcolax, thought I was dying. It happened on both occassions so def. know it was that. I just have the fibreclear now and fingers crossed no probs.

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