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Seriously miffed!


I ate my willpower!
Hi Everyone.

Had my 4th weigh in last night and I gained 1/2lb! I have followed the plan 100% but I have mentioned in another thread that I didn't think I had eaten enough, which I think added to the gain. It's also my TOTM and my doctor said today that your TOTM can make you gain at least 3lb in fluid. I am hoping it will some off next week. But I was so gutted that I wanted to cry. I can totally understand gaining if you have been a bit bad, but when you have been so good you polish your halo everynight, and to gain, it was awful.

Here's hoping it will be gone, and some, next week.
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Just follow the plan
Aww thats such a shame hun, but 1/2 a lb is nothing really, you will prob lose that and more next week. I felt a bit disappointed I only lost 1lb cos I've been 100% too but on the other hand I just want to keep going and not get down about it.
Wow, you have lost loads already, in just a few weeks! amazing - good for you!

1/2 a pound really is nothing, and quite common when you have had such good weight loss. I put on 1 pound this week... but lost 6 the week before...

without losing momentum, give yourself a break. You are doing so well.


Is so very nearly there!
What .5lb you nutter! if TOTM thats perfectly reasonable and you will lose that next week - dont beat yaself up hun

It will come off again and with more iccle lbs with it


I ate my willpower!
Thanks everyone. I know that it will come off next week. It's just that I look forward to weigh in's because I am hoping for a good loss and when you gain, even though you have followed it, it's disheartening. I have still stuck to it 100% though and I am looking forward to next week now.

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