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Seriously need support with the CD diet

Hey Guys ,

Ok so basically everyone around me keeps saying im crazy and this diet is a waste of money etc and once i stop all the weight is gonna come back in a few months .. im trying to ignore them and stick to my guns but its really difficult . Its my second week ive lost half a stone already .. so any advice from people who have done this diet and were able to keep their weight off and if u were able to how did u do it ?

Cheers xx
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there's lots of people on here who have lost their weight and kept it off. just check the maintenance section.
Hi hon

We've all come across this in various forms (with one of us even being told they couldn't do the diet and keep their job!).

You have to have the courage of your convictions and really believe in it yourself first. Then when people start expressing their "opinions" just smile sweetly and say "thank you for your opinion" and then let it just go in one ear and out the other. Whatever you do do not feel you have to justify yourself and your decision! CD is a pretty drastic step to take to lose weight and I'm sure you thought about it long and hard before you decided to go ahead. You also know all about the diet and how it works - these people don't - they only know the scare mongering they see in the press etc.

Putting back on weight - as with any weightloss plan (WW, SW etc) if you don't address the underlying issues that trigger your eating and use the plan to learn a new way of living you will risk putting the weight back on - this is not specific to CD. Many people are successful with WW, SW etc but many are not. I know a woman who has been doing WW for 9 years (going to meetings etc) and is still 3 stone overweight!!!

Read The Diet Guy - Believe You Can, Believe You Can't, Either Way You'll Be Right.. he's maintained for 5 years now... basically you have to learn how to live slim rather than live as a fat person on a diet. His posts are really helpful in that regard.

Be honest with yourself as to why you have a weight problem and why WW etc or diet and exercise haven't worked for you in the past. If there are underlying emotional issues then take this time to address them too via self help (like journaling, using a CBT website like livinglifetothefull.com) and/or via a formal talking therapy with a counsellor trained in eating disorders (check bacp website for accredited therapists).

I explained to my very nearest and dearest just how lousy and out of control I felt and how I felt CD could help me; as a result they have been super supportive and never try to tempt me. Other people don't know as I've kept it private and when people ask how I am doing it I just say I am taking better care of my diet and exercise (all true).

Hope that helps


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Hey honey! I really feel for you and there are so many that have been / ate in the same situation as you. A few of my friends were quite harsh at first but it's about your mindset. Your doing this for yourself not them. I lost 6 stone at the beginning of the year and yes I have regained about a stone in about 6 months BUT I enjoyed my summer something I haven't done before! And my eating habits have changed. I don't eat for the sake of it and feel so much happier both within myself and how I look that I won't allow myself to go back. It's not about the diet, the diet just gets you to a starting point of a new life. New clothes, new outlook, new confidence and most importantly a new way eating. I still have the odd takeaway but I generally try and eat well meaning what I want in moderation and lots of fresh cooking with new flavours. I try to have a new spice or veg each week which keeps things interesting. I am coming back to CD to finally get to my target weight. If you put your all into this you can't fail. If you lose a bot and find this isn't for you it's not a failure it's just not for you. There is so much support on this forum that you will be fine. If it bothers your friends and family then just don't talk to them about the diet. It's only a part of your life not all of it!!! If you ever need a friend or to vent please feel free to pm me!! Good luck hun and you can do this!!! X


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Hey Guys ,

Ok so basically everyone around me keeps saying im crazy and this diet is a waste of money etc and once i stop all the weight is gonna come back in a few months .. im trying to ignore them and stick to my guns but its really difficult . Its my second week ive lost half a stone already .. so any advice from people who have done this diet and were able to keep their weight off and if u were able to how did u do it ?

Cheers xx
Yep, as Goreygirl says, we all get this from time to time. Funny how no one tells you that paying out ££s a week to WW or SW is a waste of money and that you'll only put all the weight back on. Because sad truth - statistically, 95% of us will put some or all of the weight back on. As Goreygirl says (she's a very wise woman :)), you need to work on the reasons you got overweight in the first place. But... and I like this particular 'but', :D research has shown that people who lose weight on a very low calorie diet (VLCD) like Cambridge are less likely to regain all of the weight. And abstaining from food - as you do on VLCDs - really does give you that headspace to work out the reasons why you eat in a way that traditional diets just can't do (cos you still have to deal with food).

There's loads of support to be had here, hun - so any time you need some, just shout!
Thanks Lily... you come out with some good stuff yourself! I always make sure I read your posts :)

But back to the original topic... another thing I forgot to add is that your work on yourself will have a ripple effect because people are used to having you in a particular "box". Some of them will embrace you and your journey providing support, others will be very against it because they have issues themselves (they may not even be aware of) and will find they feel threatened so will want to put you firmly back in your box. You may find that you no want to be around these people ;)
also.... with any diet you can put the weight back on if you go back to your old eating habbits. if you go back to eating the wrong thing, the nice thing all the time then the weight will come back on you no matter what diet you did to get the weight off. i find ww and sw hard to do as the weight loss is so slow that i end up loosing interest in doing them and end up eating and putting on the weight again. at least with cd you can see the weight coming off and see the difference quickly. it spurs you on and keeps you going for longer and cause you've lost the weight and love you new body too much to eat what you did. you keep it under control for longer and know if you do slip up that you can do the diet again to loose those few pounds you put on. each time i've done cd i've got pregnant and put on weight so i can't say that i've managed to keep it off but there were the circumstances there to make me put on weight. i put on about 18lbs since i stopped cd but it was my own fault in that i was training for a half marathon and when that was over i didn't do the distances i was and eating the same and put it on. also i had a lot of family stress with my mum going into hospital a couple of times, first time for a toe amputation, she's diabetic, and the 2nd time there was a threat of her having her leg off. i got depressed and alcohol seemed to numb the pain and make me feel better so i was drinking about 2 bottles to 3 bottles over the course of 3 days. i've since started tablets for depression and feel a lot better and have no longer the need or thought of alcohol in the same way. all excuses to why i put on 18lb but i would have done this no matter what diet i had been following at the time, or finished at the time.
This is exactly what my friends are like! I am really trying and they keep saying she'll never do that for long, mainly bacuse when I socialise with my friends we go out to a pub or club and end up drinking and that is a big no no whilst on ss. What goreygirl said about people putting you in a box really struck a chord with me as I think my friends see me as the funny one who loves a drink and a laugh(and to be honest they are all super slim so probably the fat one as well!) they dont want me to change! My best friend is bigger than me and is struggling to lose weight and when I told her about my weight loss last night she said yeah but for how long!!! gutted!!

Sorry about going on!! Just wanted to say what everyone else else has really no matter what diet you do if you dont change your habits then inevitably the weight will come back on!1 Only you can change and I dont know about you but I am just using their negative comments to spur me on and prove them wrong!!

Good lcuk and this site is amazing for support!! xx
i have a friend who i told i was doing this diet and she was very funny about it. said that it's unhealthy etc. she is a very big lady herself but has yet to find any motivation to loose any of it. i invited her to weightwatchers last year and she said no, didn't even dare to ask her if she wanted to do this diet lol. she think's it's unhealthy and i'll put it all back on etc etc. well you are what you eat at the end of the day regardless of fat or slim, eat rubbish and end up fat.

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