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Setting a goal

I've been filling in my stats on my profile which got me thinking about goals. I haven't previously given it much thought as I didn't really believe I would actually manage to lose a significant amount of weight!

I'm 5'6 and 10years ago I would have set my goal at 10st - but I'm a bit more realistic now and also think that at 47 losing too much would make me well...wrinkly! Anyway I feel I would be more than happy with 11st 7lb. But, this would make my BMI 26 which still comes in at overweight.

What do people think - my pre diet BMI was 35. Should I not get too hung up on the numbers?
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Definitely don't get too hung up on the numbers. Onoy work towards what is healthy and comfortable for you.

There was a discussion on here a day or so ago about people of the same height and clothes size weighing different amounts.

These figures are great as a guide but aren't cast in stone xx
Precisely, at the end of the day, you need to get to a weight that not only you feel comfortable with, but one that you can maintain, it's no good getting down to a really low weight that you struggle to stay at 'cos you can hardly eat anything, life is too short to be fixated on numbers, if you can get your BMI to 26 and stay there healthily then do it girl!


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I am at my target weight of 10 stone and at 5ft4 that puts my BMI at just under 25 so i'm at the top end of the healthy range. I could maybe lose half a stone but I don't want to as I would look scrawny on my top half and it would be hard work.
Apparently I should be 9 stone but that's never gonna happen.
I've struggled with the numbers game too but have accepted that as long as I am happy and healthy and contented with how I look then that's fine.
See how you feel when you get there but remember, it's only a guide and we are all made differently.


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Why don't you see what you think when you get to 11 1/2 stone? And remember if you do toning exercises then your muscles may show as weight but your size will be much smaller, and your metabolism higher! After all, most of our muscely athletes are classed as obese! So don't get hung up on BMI it isn't that accurate. Oh and mega well done on your loss so far!


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Better to have an "overweight" BMI that you can maintain happily and healthily, than to yo-yo or be miserable and hungry!
At your height and age you will look absolutely FABULOUS at 11st 7lb (though I'm sure you look fab now!) and the healthy eating and exercise will give you a lovely glow at any weight :)
According to all the charts and stats I should be no heavier than 10.5 stone! Well bugger them (excuse my French) I think for 5ft5 (and a quarter) and my larger frame I'm going to be much happier at 11 stone! So that's my goal!! And I'm looking forward to the day my scales tell me I've achieved it!
I totally agree... at the end of the day it's only a number and its best that you feel happy and comfortable with yourself. Just now my target is 13st but according to BMI I should be no heavier than 10st 10lbs. I am waiting to see what I feel/look like once I get to my personal target then I will decide if I need to lower it or not.


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I was stuck about setting a target too. The lightest I ever remember being is 9st7 and that was when I was about 15! Have set that as my target but it might not be achievable, will just wait and see but I thought it best to aim high. Just read post from Jaylou! 9 stone eh - well I think I would be skin and bone but it might be poss!


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I've set my target at 9 1/2 stone, do you think I'm being over ambitious? I haven't weighed that since I was 21 and I'm 45 now. I suppose I can always re-evaluate it if I ever get near that amount! Nothing's shifting at the moment but I just keep plodding along.


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When I was at school, at my absolute skinniest I was 10st 7lbs, which for someone of my height is still overweight. I asked the school nurse (who was a lovely realist) who told me to stop being so bloody stupid! I was clearly not overweight, and everyone's different! She pointed out that some of the fittest rugby players who are pure muscle and rather fit and aesthetically pleasing (see, told you she was fab!) have BMI's of 35, but that's purely because they're solid muscle! The statisticians that created the BMI thingy doofer didn't take into account that humans aren't mass-produced and as such don't all fit the mould! We're all different (thank goodness) and we're not all designed to fit the stats! :)


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I am 6ft2.5. My ideal weight is 12st 8lb I am told. My goal is currently 12st 13 lb...But have a feeling it will end up being closer to 14lb. Just will see how I feel and look when i get near it. Wont stress on BMI factprs. Whatever is, has to be an improvement on now!!lol


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I agree with the others - don't get too hung up on the numbers. It was hard for me to choose a goal weight, because I've been overweight since I was about 10, I've never been a normal weight as an adult - so I don't know I'm going to look or feel at anything approaching a normal weight. In the end I looked at the BMI 20-25 range for my height, and picked the number squarely in the middle. I'm more than prepared to change that as time goes on though, if it turns out that it's just not right for me.


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I am the same as you lady Helen. I started putting on weight in secondary school. So, as an adult, I do not know what an achievable weight for me is. So, not gonna let it stress me.

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