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SF challenge: half a stone a month


Losing the baby fat
Am going to go buy some tomorrow so probably will start Wednesday... My aim is to lose 1stone 2lbs by Valentines day, ending at 16 stone... making a total loss of 1 1/2 stone.

My plan:
Breakfast: SF with half a banana in
Dinner: SF with half a banana in PLUS 300 cals snack
Tea: Either a 500 cal meal OR 2 x 250 cal smaller meals
My aim is to be around 1300 cals a day.

Hopefully, fingers crossed, this will get me well in to weight loss head mode and then I will be able to go forth and lose the rest.
It's rhat initial getting started that I find hard... I can do it once I start seeing real results.
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Good luck it sounds like you have it sorted in your head the best way to lose for you

Purple Hugs

Loves weight.. training!
Good luck! :D i'm sure you'll be thrilled with the first week results and that'll spur you on for the pre-valentine losses!
you sound like your focused!! why are you adding a banana to each shake ?? im just curious (aka nosey!!)!! lol.


Losing the baby fat
Hey Stephanie, just to bulk them up and make them more filling, plus gets a portion of fruit in. I don't find slimfast do anything for my hunger without a banana in so I'm more satisfied this way :) Be nosy all you like lol xx

Have just had 2 choccy ones together with a full banana in and can say am feeling stuffed here... I think might be more cals than I think though as I use semi skimmed, not skimmed milk, but still... I think what I'm having will be fine.

So day one all done - beans and potato (300 cals) + steamed pasta and veg meal and a milky way (500 cals) + 2choccy shakes and a banana (can't be more than 1400 cals tops I'd say).

I'm being faced with some tempation here though, there is a pizza in the oven! I will definitly not be having any though, but the smell is zero calories!

32 days to go.....................
Hi you are doing Fab. I have just started my Slim Fast diary today. Liked the idea of putting a Banana in with it. I always put ice in and use an electric blender. Good Luck for Valentines day, mind does not look like you need it , you seem very focused. We must keep that way.


Losing the baby fat
Thanks Stig, good luck with your diet. Try the banana it really makes a difference I find :) The ice would be nice come the summer, good idea. I also read someone puts a spoon of coffee in the vanilla ones.

Have had steamed fish and rice and peas and 3 sticks of kit kat for my 500 calories.
I went shopping earlier and I wa a bit shaky.. I don't know if it was because I was out on 300 calories OR if it had anything to do with the fact I was sneezing yesterday and had a runny nose, I was also very hot so I am wondering if I am coming down with something, either way I'm sticking with this but I might have to swap my 300 and 500 cals round.
My husband said I was looking a bit thinner - whether he was just saying it though I odn't know, but I have lost a good few inches so far, but really, it's like a pea on a drum lol.

Yet to have, 2 shakes and a banana.


Losing the baby fat
...30 days to go!

Am feeling a bit hungry tonight. i would go to bed but I have got to finish the washing.
Have been working out where I have to be for my BMI to drop, and If I can possibly get to 16 stone by Valentines day then my BMI will be in the start of the 35's ... from the 38's that's a good drop, at least heading in the right direction!


Losing the baby fat
Am having a chicken Korma and rice today for my 300 calories, my mouth is burning though!!

Still to have: 500 cals, 2 shakes and a banana.

Was thinking last night how I would love to be 13 stone by mid June. That would mean losing 4 1/2 stone in 6 months, I wonder if that is possible or too ambitious? It would mean I could wear my old jeans and be fit enough to enjoy my daughters birthday and have my photo taken with her.
Hi again

Do you know I think it is possible to loose that weight in 6 months. Have you got your jeans hung up in the bedroom so you can see them every day. I do this with special clothes I want to fit into. I am going to put the shorts up today so I can see them. Five years since I got into them but hey gal we can do it.

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